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ClearPlay Movie Reviews

Kingsman: The Secret Service
A super secret and well-dressed British spy organization recruits Eggsy, a troubled youth, to enter its selective and competitive training program. While Eggsy competes for a spot on the team, a devious...
By Brian
Run All Night
Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson), a mob hit man with a trail of bodies and regrets, has taken to drinking to forget his past. But his personal life calls him into action when an up-and-coming thug tries to...
By Marty
Nicky (Will Smith) is a con artist who specializes in low level scams. The secret to success: volume. He and his team lift, steal and plunder, making a comfortable living in the process. But Nicky’s...
By Marty
Independence Day
Quick, set the table! Company’s coming! Earth eagerly anticipates making contact with an alien race when scores of extraterrestrial spaceships hover over world capitals. Do they come in peace? Not this...
By Marty
Project Almanac
Project Almanac is a found-footage movie that deals with time travel. David (Jonny Weston), an MIT-bound high school student, is looking for a great idea to make himself some tuition money, when stumbles...
By Marty
Still Alice
Alice Howland (Julianne Moore) has it all. She’s a university professor with financial stability, a loving husband (Alec Baldwin), and a supportive family. But recent lapses in memorycause Alice to seek...
By Marty
Three Amigos
Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short team up as washed-up actors who made their mark as dandified bandit fighters in Hollywood movies. Desperate for work, they accept an offer to go south of the...
By Marty
McFarland, USA
Coach Jim White’s temper gets him fired from his High School football position and forces him to take whatever job he can get. What he can get is a job in McFarland, California, a small agricultural...
By Brian
SpongeBob Movie, The: Sponge...
The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: Sponge Out of Water Based on the popular television cartoon series, The SpongeBob Movie revolves around a crazed pirate (Antonio Banderas), and the ongoing rivalry between...
By Marty
Jupiter Ascending
Ordinary earthling Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) yearns to look at the stars, but has to spend most of her time cleaning toilets. Living a life so mundane, Jupiter is surprised when her life is suddenly...
By Marty
Seventh Son
In this Sword & Sorcery pic, Jeff Bridges plays a super fighter and hunter of witches. He enlists the help of a seventh son (Ben Barnes), and teaches his new apprentice the ways of a warrior. Though...
By Marty
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