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    Travis Tedford
    Kevin Jamal Woods
    Jordan Warkol
    Zachary Mabry
    Ross Bagley
    Courtland Mead
    Sam Saletta
    Blake Jeremy Collins
    Blake McIver Ewing
    Juliette Brewer

  • Family Movie Night Activity: The Little Rascals

    “You only meet your once in a lifetime friends... once in a lifetime.”

    When The He-Man Woman Haters Club find out that Alfalfa, one of their members, has fallen in love with a girl named Darla they set out to break the two up before it breaks up their club. While Alfalfa tries to hold onto his friends and Darla, the gang tries to avoid neighborhood bullies, guard their go-cart so they can win the derby AND come up with enough money to re-build their clubhouse. All in a day’s work for these Little Rascals! Enjoy this re-make of the old television series Our Gang with these Movie Night Activities.

    Movie Snacks:

    *Alfalfa tries to impress Darla with a candlelight dinner of grape soda, sandwiches, and even sno-balls for dessert. You can serve the same thing for dinner, just be sure that the club members don’t sabotage your dinner like they did in the movie or you’ll be eating a sandy sandwich and soda poured through an old sneaker!
    *Porky doesn’t like pickles but Buckwheat sure does. Have whole pickles for everyone to eat during the movie night and be sure to sing along with the “I’ve got a pickle” song. If someone in your family doesn’t like pickles, tell them they can always try to sell it to someone else for 2 cents.
    *Spanky tells everyone to come see the “4ft Man Eating Chicken” at the fair. Serve up some chicken for dinner and you’ll have your own Man Eating Chicken (or Kid Eating Chicken) at your house. You can also serve up some of your favorite fair foods like cotton candy, caramel apples or popcorn. Fair food makes great Movie Night snacks.

    Must Pause Moments:

    *When the He-Man Woman Hater clubhouse catches on fire, the kids throw water balloons at it to try and stop it from burning down. Have some water balloons already filled up to use when you pause the movie after this scene. Take everyone outside to your side-walk chalk drawn target and see if they can do a better job of putting out the “clubhouse fire.”
    *Butch and Woim tie a dollar bill to a duck to act as a distraction. It works because Porky and Buckwheat chase after the duck to get the money. Stop the movie and tie a fake dollar bill to your shoe. (Best to use a fake one so that you don’t end up ripping apart a bunch of your money.) Play a round of tag or even steal the flag using the dollar instead. Be careful to not get running too fast though, we don’t want anyone falling too hard when someone catches the dollar. Whoever grabs it first wins a real dollar!
    *The He-Man Woman Haters club sings this chant as they come to the fair for the race: “We are the He-Man Woman Haters. We feed girls to alligators.” Come up with a club name for your family and then make up a chant of your own. You could even break up into All-Girl and All-Boy groups or even have it be Parents vs. Kids. Your chant could include something about your club or just be about why you love Family Movie Night so much!

    Other Activities:

    *There are a few different times when the boys dress up and you could dress up right along with them. You could wear wigs, fake beards and mustaches, ballet or other dance costumes, or your best go-cart racing gear. Another option is to dress up like one of the characters: Spike one part of your hair like Alfalfa or wear a propeller cap like Spanky.
    *Surprise your family by blowing bubbles behind them while they are watching Alfalfa sing. They’ll think they are right there at the fair watching him when real bubbles start popping all around them.
    *The guys are trying to get money to re-build their club house and end up having to build a new go-cart as well. Think up something you and your family can build together. You could choose something small like a birdhouse or model car or surprise the family by telling them your big plans to build a new deck, fence or tree house in your own yard.

    *LyndiLou* - Founder of the She-Mom Movie Lovers Club

    Rated PG for some rude dialogue; 82 min; Directed by Penelope Spheeris
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The Little Rascals

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