• Movie Filter - Dead Poets Society - Date: 1/16/2005
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    Content Warnings:

    General Themes and Other Content:
    Some Suggestive Dialogue,
    Intense Life/Death Situations,
    Comical Fighting/Action,
    Alcohol Consumption,
    Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Starring
    Robin Williams
    Robert Sean Leonard
    Ethan Hawke
    Josh Charles
    Gale Hansen
    Dylan Kussman
    Allelon Ruggiero
    James Waterston
    Norman Lloyd
    Kurtwood Smith

  • Dead Poets Society

    John Keating (Robin Williams) has one passion in life; teaching, and he’s darn good at it. His students think of him as strange and different but a teacher who inspires them to be daring and extraordinary, to “Seize the Day”. And only after tragedy hits their society of seven, will they each truly know the meaning of Carpe Diem.

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    Even with filtering you’ll see some underage drinking and quite a few scenes where teens are smoking along with a few brief innuendoes and comments about boys with raging hormones. There’s one scene where one of the characters goes to a party and awkwardly watches a couple making out. A very disturbing scene includes one of the headmasters paddling one of the student’s behind. Lastly and perhaps one of the biggest things you’ll want to talk about before deciding if this film is appropriate for your kids/teens is *spoiler alert * one of the main characters shoots himself in the head. Because of this scene alone I wouldn’t recommend this film for younger viewers, or even teens at that.

    Will Dead Poets Society be good enough for the living?...

    Dead Poets Society is inspiring, comedic, tragic, heartwarming, and even at times, a bit awkward (as all teenage boys will be). I loved the interaction between the students and Mr. Keating, it reminded me of certain teachers along my own educational path who inspired me to pursue my dreams and be better than just average. The acting is wonderful, the plot is dramatic, and the ending will leave your heart pumping loudly with pride!

    Trisha - ClearPlay Movie Society Captain

    Rated PG for: Adult Language, Adult Content; 128 min; Directed by Peter Weir
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Dead Poets Society

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