• Movie Filter - The Addams Family - Date: 1/27/2005
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  • Starring
    Anjelica Huston
    Raul Julia
    Christopher Lloyd
    Elizabeth Wilson
    Christina Ricci
    Judith Malina
    Dan Hedaya
    Carel Struycken
    Paul Benedict
    Christopher Hart

  • Tweens & Teens Movie Night Activity - The Addams Family

    “The Human Spirit Is Hard To Kill” “Even With A Chainsaw”

    The Addams family may be creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky… but they are incomplete. Gomez hasn’t seen Uncle Fester in 25 years. When some money-hungry con-artists hear, they pretend they’ve found Fester as a way to get their hands on the Addams Family fortune. Will their scheme work? Find out whether family or money matters more with our latest Movie Night Activities. Read the movie review for The Addams Family (below) to see if it's right for your family.

    Wear While Watching:

    *Get into the holiday spirit by wearing your Halloween costumes to watch the show, or copycat some of the characters. Try wearing all black like Wednesday, a long black dress like Morticia, a suit coat, dress pants and argyle socks like Gomez, black shots and a striped shirt like Pugley or a one robe like Uncle Fester.
    *Tell everyone to wear their best Cousin It hair style. Grab a wig or flip your long hair over your face and add sunglasses. Post pictures to our Facebook page, so we can see who makes the best looking Cousin It.

    Home Theater Decor:

    *To make your home look like the Addams family mansion be sure to decorate just like them. You’ll want to have a black wreath on the door, a vase full of rose stems (remember to cut the actual rose off!), candelabras, dead plants, fake spiders and lots of cobwebs. As a final touch, play some creepy organ music to create the perfect haunted ambiance.
    *The Addams family has their own cemetery in the backyard, complete with a couch amid the tombstones. Recreate their yard by putting up fake headstone & statues all around your couch.

    Movie Munchies:

    *Create the grossest Monster Menu for your guests. Serve a full course dinner with Mummy Dogs, Entrails Soup, or Graveyard Ghoul-ash… just remember to re-name whatever you’re having so that it’s creepier than normal. If you’re looking for snacks to serve, consider Monster Finger Sandwiches, Band-aid Graham Crackers, Spiderweb cupcakes, or just punch with a creepy ice hand in it.
    *Remember to play with your food… just like Morticia has to remind Wednesday to do. You could set up a bowl with an air filled bag inside it, then fill the bowl (covering the bag) with oatmeal. Put a spoon in the bowl and let people squish the oatmeal around and see how it moves with the bag in in.
    *In honor of the classic Uncle Fester move, serve cookies shaped like light bulbs.

    Movie Inspired Adventures:

    *Turn on the Monster Mash along with all your Organ music so everyone can have a dance party. Be sure to have music for Waltzing, because that’s how Gomez and Morticia love to dance. Make sure to leave time to perform the Mamushka as well.
    *Host an Addams Family Obstacle Course. Include events like shooting an arrow at an apple in Pugsly’s mouth, fencing, mixing potions, lightning candles for a seance, finding the right book to open the secret passage and tapping out a message in Morse code like Thing.
    *Play “Wake the Dead” like the whole family does at the end of the movie. Hide something outside, or have dirt or sawdust bins where your family or guests can dig up prizes.


    The Addams Family

    "They're creepy and they're kooky,Mysterious and spooky,They're altogether ooky,The Addams Family."

    That twisted and backwards family is classic Halloween movie entertainment. When the Addams family lost Fester to the Bermuda Triangle they were heart broken. When Fester returns (played by Christopher Lloyd) their lives are full again and their twisted happiness is complete. But is it really Fester, or an impostor?

    This movie is so much fun. All their clever, backwards habits are deep chuckle worthy and all the characters are in their classic form. You'll enjoy performances by Christopher Lloyd, Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christina Ricci. You'll love watching Thing racing around the house and trying to picture that actor pulling himself around in a cart as he acted out his handy part (plus all of the beautiful hand puns that go with him, "Oh Thing, you're a handful.") I love the dark filming and all the grays and blacks in costumes and decor that give the entire movie that Gothic feel of Halloween. If you haven't seen The Addams Family or it's been awhile, and you like silly and impossible humor then go rent this fun film for the last weekend of October.

    Motherly Advice: I had my filter settings on Medium which saved me from a little language and a couple disturbing images including a complete skip of Wednesday and Pugsley's school play scene. You'll still want to be aware of the intense (loving and lusting) relationship that Gomez and Morticia have. They speak French to one another in passionate tones and of course we have the classic hand up the arm kissing scene by Gomez. The only scene in which I was uncomfortable with their kissing (and really they only actually kiss a few times) is at the auction after Morticia has won when they begin kissing and making passionate 'noises' that get a little bit intense for young ears. I didn't try it with my sex filters on High but you might want to with little ones. The disturbingness of the movie is actually not as bad as I thought it would be. The most disturbing scenes are with Wednesday and Pugsley as their 'play' mostly includes them trying to kill one another. We see Wednesday following Pugsley around with a knife which her mother then replaces with a huge clever. Then we see Wednesday strapping Pugsley into an electric chair to play the game "Is There a God?" But the weird characters in the movie aren't really scary and there really weren't any disturbingly freaky images at all. The relationship between Fester and his 'mother' is a little weird at times as they are very close and Fester does whatever she says because he loves her so much but there really isn't anything there that I wasn't be able to show my kids. So, I'd rate this one alright for the whole family as long as you set your filters according to your family's taste.

    Danielle'- "Hush Mama! It's for charity! Widows and orphans. We need more of them."

    Rated PG-13; 99 Min; Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld
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The Addams Family

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