• Movie Filter - The Incredibles - Date: 3/15/2005
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    Threatening Dialogue,
    Intense Action/Adventure,
    Intense Life/Death Situations,
    Scary Moments,
    Comical Fighting/Action,
    Non-Graphic Injury/Wound,
    Criminal/Gangster/Mob Themes,
    Alcohol Consumption
  • Starring
    Craig T. Nelson
    Holly Hunter
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Jason Lee
    Dominique Louis
    Teddy Newton
    Jean Sincere
    Eli Fucile
    Maeve Andrews
    Wallace Shawn

  • Family Movie Night Activity: The Incredibles

    The Incredibles are your average super-hero family living in suburbia Metroville. But they’ve been banned from using their powers, until the world’s safety is threatened and each family member is needed on this mission to save the human race, and their super-hero reputation!

    Incredible Movie Snacks:

    *To begin your “Incredible” FMNA, you’ll need to plan dinner. In the first part of the movie we see the Incredible’s eating dinner, super-hero mom, Elastigirl mentions that it’s leftover night with steak, pasta, and we see broccoli on the plates. So as random as this is, your kids will get a kick out of having the same exact dinner as a super-hero family!
    *The rest of the movie doesn’t include a whole lot of snacking or eating in general so half way through the film or when your kiddos are getting restless, pause the movie and make/have an “Incredible” dessert. Here are some ideas:
    *Make popcorn “incredible” by covering it with chocolate (just melt chocolate chips, pour over popcorn and cover with a light sprinkling of coarse salt).
    *Make “incredible” ice-cream sundaes by pulling out the stops! Fudge, nuts, marshmallows, caramel, coconut, chocolate chips, potato chips, pretzels, sky’s the limit!
    *Make these Incredible Bars; no really, they are “INCREDIBLE”!!

    Must Pause Moments:

    *Mr. Incredible himself gets captured and is all tied up, but his trusty family is on their way to save him. You could easily duplicate this scene for your own family. Have dad sneak off for a “bathroom break” and have him tie himself up with ropes in a hiding place, and once he is secure, pause the movie and exclaim that dad is missing and you must all go find and save him!
    *Dash and Mr. Incredible like to play toss with the football, then later on Dash is running races at school. If you need to get the ants out of your kiddo’s pants, you could pause at any time and have a game of football toss and/or 50-meter races for your own family.

    Other Activities:

    *Each member of the Incredible family has their own unique super power. Have each member of your family choose a super power of their own; they of course can use one of the Incredibles. (My son insists on being Dash!!)
    *After each member has chosen their power, have them “show and tell” that power. If you want to go even further you could have each kid do follow-the-leader where all members of the family get to try out each other’s power.
    *Each Incredible has their own uniform but they all match, this makes for an easy sewing or scrounging through the closets project. For example, you could all do a pair of black sweats and a black shirt, then cut out an iron-on letter (found at your local fabric store) and iron your family’s last name initial on the front, cut out easy eye-masks, and voila, you’ve got your super hero uniforms!

    Trisha - Movie Mom Super Hero!

    Rated PG for action violence; 115 min; Directed by Brad Bird

    The Incredibles

    Fabulous Pixar Style Animations That'll Bring Out Your Inner Superhero!

    Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) are superheroes loved by all until their services are no longer wanted and they are forced by the government to go into hiding for their protection. In their attempt to blend in they move to the suburbs and start a family but the solitary life doesn’t sit so well. As their children grow they discover they have superhero powers too. Can this family full of superheroes really live a regular life?

    I think we can all agree that the ability to choose a superhero power would be amazing! While watching this movie we've all seen and love so well I suggest having a bit of fun. Start off by picking your power of choice, maybe you are fast like Dash or super strong like Mr. Incredible but then create your own character name. Create capes with pieces of fabric, pillowcases or with whatever your imagination takes you to. Masks may be a nice touch too and could be simply done by printing them off from the computer or making your own. Make a large sub sandwich also known as a “Hero” or pizzas that could be decorated with your superhero logo for dinner.

    Motherly Advice: Keep in mind when choosing this one for the family that it is a PG not a G which is the rating for most of the Pixar films. If you are opposed to violence then I will warn you that a host of weapons are used from handguns and lasers to robots that are out to destroy. Violence is largely a part of the film in some way or another since being a Superhero puts you in the thick of things. Suicide is discussed briefly early in the movie around legal issues regarding the Superheroes. A villain is seen being sucked into a jet engine with the obvious implication. Even with mushy filter on High there is some kissing and talk of adultery. The Incredibles fight crime but they are also a family and are undoubtedly always there for each other. Definitely some adult content wrapped up in a, seemingly, kids geared movie. Kids 6 and up would probably really enjoy this but beware the family message isn’t as loud as the violent message.

    Hannah - For my Superhero power I would pick flying!

    Rated PG for action violence; 115 min; Directed by Brad Bird
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The Incredibles

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