• Movie Filter - Meet The Robinsons - Date: 10/30/2007
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    Threatening Dialogue,
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    Comical Fighting/Action,
    Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Starring
    Angela Bassett
    Daniel Hansen
    Jordan Fry
    Matthew Josten
    John H. H. Ford
    Dara McGarry
    Tom Kenny
    Laurie Metcalf
    Don Hall
    Paul Butcher

  • Meet The Robinsons

    Lewis may be an orphan but he’s no idiot. In fact he’s a genius little boy who loves to invent. After being rejected by 124 families, his hopes for adoption are dashed and he decides to invent a machine that will help him find his mother. But his time in the future can only last so long until the future, and the past will be altered…forever!

    ClearPlay In Action!

    Meet the Robinsons is such a fun family movie! With filters on High there are only a few parts that were a little jumpy. First the “Bowler Hat Man” wears a hat that turns into a robotic spider and it is c-r-e-e-p-y! It makes people do “naughty” things, as my son pointed out to me. The bowler hat creates a giant T-Rex dinosaur, and there’s about a 3-minute chase that might get a little intense for your littler tikes. Lastly, Lewis’ mother drops him off at the front door of an orphanage when he was a baby, so be prepared for inquiring minds. This rated G family film is perfectly suitable for all ages.

    Will YOU want to Meet The Robinsons?

    Lewis is one of the kids that you may have seen in class and thought that he was so smart but just couldn’t find a place. But we all know where these kids are now, making billions and running the world! I mean, am I right? But that isn’t the focus of this film, his riches come from finding love and a family, and people that accept and respect him. I love this moral story! And a few parts will have you, the parents, laughing at the comic relief. So yes, Meet the Robinsons, and make them a part of your own family.

    Trisha - ClearPlay future-altering mom!

    Rated G; 95 min; Directed by Stephen J. Anderson
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Meet The Robinsons

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