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    Emma Roberts
    Josh Flitter
    Max Thieriot
    Rachael Leigh Cook
    Tate Donovan
    Caroline Aaron
    Phil Abrams
    Amanda Alva
    Joanne Baron
    Marshall Bell

  • This movie is about Nancy Drew going to Los Angeles California with her father, who was going there on business. While she was there she happened upon a mystery that involved a murdered movie actress, and her daughter. Nancy found out her her daughter was, when nobody even knew that the actress had any kids, and the actress's daughter inherited all of the actress's money. At the end of the movie, once they got back home, Ned and Nancy kissed for what I think was their first actual kiss, and right after their quick kiss Nancy's father told her that she had a call from some people in Scotland, who were talking about the Loch Ness Monster and some missing diamonds.

    Family Movie Night Activity: Nancy Drew

    “I’d Rather Be Sleuthing!”

    Nancy Drew has just come off of a big case when her dad drags her to L.A. for one of his business trips. Nancy pledges to be a “normal” teenage girl for the trip and stay away from any mystery solving. But the world of sleuthing is just too enticing, especially when the house they rent is filled with mysteries, murder, money, and mayhem. Join Nancy in some mayhem of your own for this Family Movie Night Activity!

    Movie Snacks:

    *Nancy boasts being an old-fashioned gal with old-fashioned ideals, this includes her nutritional intake. So for dinner might I recommend her favorite party food, pigs in a blanket, carrot and celery sticks, some cut up fruit, and of course, a tall glass of milk.
    *Nancy uses her culinary skills to bribe and/or entice her witnesses for clues. She always has some sort of yummy bar in a tin ready to go, so for dessert make some sort of bar. Nancy uses all sorts of them in her books but in this movie she specifically makes Lemon Bars and Blondies.
    *For a mid movie snack you could make it a mystery and for example make chocolate covered popcorn, recipe found here, except put a dash of a secret ingredient in it like cinnamon or sea salt, or if you want to get super crazy, put a dash of cayenne pepper in which is actually quite yummy! Then see who can guess the secret ingredient.

    Must Pause Moments:

    *As I always say, utilize your local dollar store for these FMNA’s! You’ll find all sorts of spy kits or if you want to customize your own kit they also have hundreds of choices that are sold separately. At any rate, make sure each “spy” watching this film has his or her own kit. Before the movie begins, explain what a mystery is and have them explore and use each item in their spy kit.
    *About half way through the film, Nancy is putting forth an effort to just be “normal” by painting a picture. If you don’t have water paint (it’s the cleanest) zip over to, you know where, and get a couple of pallets of paint and have them paint something in the room, or YOU!
    *Just before the movie’s big climax, Nancy throws a dance party. Pause the movie and turn on a couple of fun dance songs and let your little spy’s get their wiggles out. I love turning on YouTube or Pandora and typing in “Fun Songs To Dance To”.

    Other Activities:

    *If your party is primarily made up of girls, have each girl come to the party in proper “Nancy Drew” attire. Her clothes and style are a theme throughout the movie and the girls could come with headbands (of course), a comfortable preppy skirt/shirt ensemble, knee high socks, and of course penny loafers. I don’t think those are sold these days so you could tape a penny onto some nice shoes.
    *Nancy may seem up beat, but even she has days that are frustrating. It typically happens when her mysteries aren’t going well; it’s at these moments that she turns to Hot Cocoa. If you feel like you need one more treat for yourselves or the kiddos, make some steamy cups of Hot Cocoa.
    *The house that Nancy and her father stay in is supposedly haunted. If you are watching with teens, you could be a little mischievous and during one of the “haunty” parts, sneak up and scare them. Or if you have an intercom in your house you could pipe in a couple lines as though you were Dehlia Draycott. Wouldn’t that be fun….for you and your spouse? I’m evil, I know!

    Trisha - Best Mommy Spy in Minnesota!

    Rated PG for mild violence, thematic elements and brief language; 99 min; Directed by Andrew Fleming
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Nancy Drew

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