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    General Themes and Other Content:
    Threatening Dialogue,
    Intense Action/Adventure,
    Intense Life/Death Situations,
    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Action,
    Criminal/Gangster/Mob Themes,
    Intense Thematic Elements
  • Starring
    Edward Asner
    Christopher Plummer
    Jordan Nagai
    Bob Peterson
    Delroy Lindo
    Jerome Ranft
    John Ratzenberger
    David Kaye
    Elie Docter
    Jeremy Leary

  • Family Movie Night Activity: Up

    “Adventure Is Out There!”

    Carl promises Ellie that they’ll go to paradise falls together, no matter what, cross his heart. Time passes and Carl realizes he’s almost out of time and finally decides to go… with the help of hundreds of balloons. Gather everyone you can find to watch this beautiful and UP-lifting story about love, loss, letting go and finding new friends. You’re sure to have an amazing adventure fit for everyone with this Movie Night Activity.

    Movie Snacks:

    *Carl and Ellie love to go on picnics together. Have your own picnic dinner outside together before the movie or spread out a big tablecloth on the floor and eat together while you watch the movie. Be sure to pack a picnic basket and everything.
    *Russell finds out that the snipe, Kevin, loves chocolate. Serve up some of your own Kevin Chocolate by having chocolate bars for your family and guests. You can stick to plain, or get fancy by having treats with nuts, toffee, caramel, wafers or other cookies mixed in the chocolate. You could even have a taste test and see which chocolate turns out to be your family’s favorite.
    *When Charles Muntz invites Carl and Russell to dinner with him, Russell gets a hot dog, but the dogs eat it before he gets the chance to. Fire up the grill and serve your family some hot dogs before the Muntz pack gets them. Be sure to have some Cherries Jubilee for dinner as well.
    *If you’ve got room, then gather the family, take them for ice cream and count the cars just the way Russell used to do with his Dad. Russell likes chocolate ice cream and his Dad would get butter-brickle. You could even count the red and blue cars while you eat.

    Must Pause Moments:

    *Ellie and Carl passed notes to each other by attaching them to balloons and then passing them to each other. Write a note to each member of your family, tie it to the bottom of a helium filled balloon and pass them along to each person when Ellie and Carl are swapping notes.
    *Alpha’s dog collar translator gets switched around and his voice sounds funny. Stop the movie after you hear him talk for the first time and have your family talk as if their voices were switched to dogs. See how each person thinks they would sound if their voice was being translated into canine.
    *If there’s one game that all dogs love, it’s Fetch! Carl throws a tennis ball to try and get Doug to leave and uses the same game to distract the Muntz pack of dogs as well. Play a game of fetch the ball with your family to see what all the fun is about.

    Other Activities:

    *Carl and Ellie are in a club together. Start your own Movie Night club. Be sure to have bottle cap pins, patches, hats, goggles or something unique to your own club or family so you’ll easily be able to recognize other members of your club.
    *Carl uses hundreds of balloons to get his house off the ground. Use his innovative thinking to your advantage when it comes to decorating for Movie Night. Get lots of balloons, some helium filled and some air filled, and have them all around whatever room you’ll be watching the show in. Balloons are an easy way to add color and fun to any room.
    *Ellie shows Carl her Adventure Book and though he doesn’t realize until the end of the show, they fill it with their many adventures together. Get your family a notebook or scrapbook they can each fill or get one that your family can work on together. Take some pictures at your UP Movie Night and have that be one of the adventures you include in your own Adventure Book.

    *LyndiLou* - Movie Mom That Starts Crying After 5 Minutes of Watching Up

    Rated PG for some peril and action; 96 min; Directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson
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