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    Bill Hader
    Anna Faris
    James Caan
    Andy Samberg
    Bruce Campbell
    Mr. T
    Bobb'e J. Thompson
    Benjamin Bratt
    Neil Patrick Harris
    Al Roker

  • Family Movie Night Activity: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

    “You may have seen a meteor shower, but I bet you've never seen a shower "meatier" than this.”

    Flint Lockwood has always wanted to be an inventor, but he hasn’t come up with something successful yet. When he figures out a way to change the water inside clouds into food, he’s instantly more popular than sliced bread with not just the town folk but the whole planet! Things start getting crazy when the food requests start coming in faster and bigger! Will the machine be able to keep up? Will Flint do the right thing, even if it means giving up his success? Grab a snack, grab a seat and enjoy these Family Movie Night Activities.

    Movie Snacks:

    *The first thing Flint’s food making machine produces are Cheeseburgers with the works. Your family can enjoy burgers with pickles, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard and all their favorite toppings or serve up an iconic dinner of Spaghetti & meatballs, just like the name of the movie suggests.
    *On another night the town gets to have breakfast for dinner. They enjoy eggs, toast, bacon, orange juice and even pancakes. Let everyone decide their favorite breakfast food and serve them all up for your Movie Night dinner.
    *With a food oriented movie like this, there’s no way you can skip desert! Have Jell-o, ice cream and Steve’s favorite treat: Gummy Bears!

    Must Pause Moments:

    *Swallow Falls was famous for sardines until everyone realized they were gross. When Flint talks about all the different ways people can eat them, pause the movie and let each person watching the show decide which way they would eat sardines if they had to. Let them choose from poached, fried, boiled, dried, candied or juiced. You might even want to have some sardines for your family to really try, if you don’t think they’re gross, that is.
    *When Flint realizes that his invention actually works he starts gasping with a wide open mouth. Have your family open their mouths as wide as they possible can and see if they can keep them open as long as Flint does. You can also see who can open their mouth the biggest!
    *When Flint starts taking orders for things to have the Food Machine make start taking your families order. Let everyone write down or just tell each other what they would order from the machine if they could pick whatever they wanted.

    Other Activities:

    *Flint is quite the science loving experimenter. Pass out lab coats to everyone in your family, or just grab some over-sized white button up shirts and try some of your own science experiments. While you probably won’t come up with anything quite as crazy as Flint’s inventions, a quick Pinterest search will help you find something bubbly, gooey, interesting and fun to do with your family.
    *Flint and Sam both love Jell-o. Flint creates a whole Jell-o building full of gelatin furniture, sculptures and more. Make some Jell-o with your family and see what different shapes you can mold or cut it into. You could even make a game out of it by letting people make something out of their piece of Jell-o and see if everyone else can guess what it is.
    *If you’re going to see the movie, be sure you read the book! The book is quite different from the movie, but it’s still a delightful family friendly book that your kids will love. If you like the book and the show then be sure to mark your calendars because Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 comes out at the end of September.

    *LyndiLou* - Movie Mom With An Appetite For Good Movies & Good Food

    Rated PG for brief mild language; 90 min; Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller

    Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

    Imaginative with some clever humor.

    It’s not every day that it is raining food from the sky, wait, it never is unless you have a scientist named Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) in your town. Flint was an awkward child and didn’t have many friends but he loved science. He was not known for his “successful” experiments but more for his “blunders” until one day one of his so called accidents may have saved his town or so he thought.

    While the animation and action in the movie were fun to watch, the storyline of the movie was definitely over my preschoolers head. Instead of just being silly, like the title implies, it touches on some mature subjects. Flint, who has a new found popularity, is thrust into the spotlight and deals with some peer pressure, especially from the Mayor of the town who persuades him that “Bigger is Better”. You’ll see that overindulgence has its consequences and you can definitely get too much of a good thing. Flint mostly stays true to himself especially when dealing with Sam the weathergirl whom he encourages to embrace her “nerdy” self and to not change for anyone. The complex relationship of parent and child plays out between Flint and his Dad who he thinks is not proud of him but they weather that storm and find understanding for each other. Mostly it was just ridiculous entertainment involving food falling from the sky, an animated film with appeal for kids and adults!

    Motherly Advice: While I don’t think this movie is best for preschoolers, my older nieces and nephews love this movie so I think kids 7 and up would have a better time following the humor and story. ClearPlay took care of some mild language and insulting comments with my filters set to Medium. The scary points in the movie have to do with when the food begins to have a mind of its own and becomes “giant food” which involves a storm that takes over the town. If you have a little one worried about natural disasters you may want to be aware of that.

    Hannah – If I could put in my order, I’d ask for it to rain chocolate!

    Rated PG for brief mild language; 90 min; Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller
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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

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