• Movie Filter - Scorpion King 3, The: Battle For Redemption - Date: 5/8/2012
  • Available Formats
  • Parental Advisories
    Content Warnings:
    Strong Action Violence

    General Themes and Other Content:
    Revealing Clothing,
    Some Suggestive Dialogue,
    Threatening Dialogue,
    Intense Action/Adventure,
    Intense Life/Death Situations,
    War Themes,
    Disaster Themes,
    Martial Arts Action,
    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Action,
    Non-Graphic Injury/Wound,
    Criminal/Gangster/Mob Themes,
    Intense Battle Sequences,
    Alcohol Consumption,
    Intense Thematic Elements,
    Murder Topic
  • Starring
    Dave Bautista
    Bostin Christopher
    Tanapol Chuksrida
    Kevin 'Kimbo Slice' Ferguson
    Geoffrey Giuliano
    J.D. Hall
    Johann Helf
    Stephane Lambert
    Selina Lo
    Damian Mavis

  • Movie Synopsis
    Since his rise to power, Mathayus' kingdom has fallen. Now an assassin for hire, he must defend a kingdom from an evil tyrant and his ghost warriors for the chance to regain the power and glory he once knew.
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Scorpion King 3, The: Battle For Redemption

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