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    Victoria Justice
    Jackson Nicoll
    Chelsea Handler
    Josh Pence
    Jane Levy
    Thomas Mann
    Thomas McDonell
    Carrie Clifford
    Barry Livingston
    Ele Bardha

  • Fun Size

    It’s Halloween, and a teenage girl (Victoria Justice) must babysit her little brother (Jackson Nicoll) so her mom (Chelsea Handler) can go to a party with her much-younger boyfriend. The ensuing hi-jinks includes a missing boy, a wrecked car, flatulence, misunderstandings, bawdiness, nerds, and other clichés from every ‘80s movie that tweenagers haven’t seen. Wait a minute! Didn’t I just describe Adventures in Babysitting? No, because that movie was sort of entertaining.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    Poor Fun Size has plenty of PG-13 crudeness that is happily trimmed by ClearPlay. Gone are 35 profanities, a kid on a toilet, streaking, petting, a flaming bag of excrement, a promiscuous giant metal chicken and many other drab things intending to pass for humor. Kids might get a kick out of the underdog aspects of the ClearPlayed party comedy. Parents will be counting down the movie’s 96 minutes.

    What Size would make this movie Fun?...

    Bigger isn’t always better. Fun Size’s best moments, and there are some, take place on a smaller scale, dealing with the personalities of a couple of sympathetic characters. Most of the action, though, is dominated by the over-the-top sight gags and the unlikeable kid being babysat.

    Marty Nabhan - ClearPlay Au Pair

    Rated PG-13 for crude and suggestive material, partying, and language; 86 min; Directed by Josh Schwartz
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Fun Size

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