• Movie Filter - The Impossible - Date: 4/23/2013
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  • Parental Advisories
    Content Warnings:
    Disturbing Images

    General Themes and Other Content:
    Revealing Clothing,
    Intense Action/Adventure,
    Intense Life/Death Situations,
    Disaster Themes,
    Non-Graphic Injury/Wound,
    Mature Thematic Elements,
    Intense Thematic Elements
  • Starring
    Naomi Watts
    Ewan McGregor
    Tom Holland
    Samuel Joslin
    Oaklee Pendergast
    Marta Etura
    Sönke Möhring
    Geraldine Chaplin
    Ploy Jindachote
    Jomjaoi Sae-Limh

  • The Impossible

    Based on a true story, The Impossible is about a family caught up in the devastating 2004 Tsunami while on vacation in Thailand. When the massive wall of water sweeps the family apart, they must fight to find one another amid the destruction, danger, and death all around them. What unfolds is a beautiful human drama that shows the strength and compassion we are capable of when pushed to our limits.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    ClearPlay mutes what little swearing there is, but the most edits fall in the disturbing category. There are a number of gory wounds, medical procedures, and corpses that are skipped. The main protagonist receives a bad wound to her chest, her bare breasts seen briefly in a non–sexual fashion. These types of scenes are cut, but you can generally figure out what is going on by context. While you may miss the full extent of the horror with filters on full, the deep emotion and total devastation is still evident.

    Will I Survive The Impossible?…

    The Impossible is a powerful disaster movie that will keep you riveted to the screen. Unlike Hollywood’s fictional disaster flicks, this one skips the cheese, the director letting story’s real events drive the emotion and drama. Naomi Watts in the lead role deserves a big round of applause in particular, as does the director for some amazing cinematography. Best of all, it’s about family and a diverse collection of human beings coming together to lift one another in one of the most deadly disasters of our time.

    Brian Fuller– ClearPlay Tsunami Avoider

    Rated PG-13 for intense realistic disaster sequences, including disturbing injury images and brief nudity; 114 min; Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona
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The Impossible

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