• Movie Filter - Oblivion - Date: 8/6/2013
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    General Themes and Other Content:
    Intense Action/Adventure,
    Intense Life/Death Situations,
    Disaster Themes,
    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Action,
    Non-Graphic Injury/Wound,
    Alcohol Consumption,
    Intense Thematic Elements,
    Murder Topic,
    Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Starring
    Tom Cruise
    Morgan Freeman
    Olga Kurylenko
    Andrea Riseborough
    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
    Melissa Leo
    Zoe Bell
    Abigail Lowe
    Isabelle Lowe
    David Madison

  • Oblivion

    The aliens attacked Earth, breaking the Moon and wreaking devastation and disaster. Humans won the war with nuclear weapons, but lost the planet. Technician Jack Harper is tasked with repairing the drones that protect the energy sources needed to power our move to another world. But when he rescues a woman from a crashed ship, Jack begins to suspect that his recurring dreams point to a disturbing truth that will forever change his fate and that of the Earth.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    ClearPlay trims a couple of short scenes with partial nudity and sensuality. They won’t be missed. There are about 16 instances of language including one F word and a few S words that are muted. There is some violence to be trimmed, but not enough that you will miss the gist of what’s going on. With filters, this movie would be appropriate for teens and up.

    Is Oblivion Oblivious?...

    The cinematography in Oblivion is gorgeous, the scenes of the sky and the ruined world a visual treat. Fortunately, I am happy to report that there is an honest to goodness story behind the pretty CGI. Oblivion is more high concept sci-fi than action sci-fi, though the gradual revelation of mysteries and interesting reversals keep the more ponderous parts interesting between the action sequences. Recommended for any ClearPlayers who like a good sci-fi adventure.

    Brian Fuller - ClearPlay Technician 52

    Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language, and some sensuality/nudity; 124 min; Directed by Joseph Kosinski
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