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  • Much Ado About Nothing

    Director Joss Whedon takes William Shakespeare’s classic comedy and puts it into a modern setting (which, as it turns out, was his house). Filmed in black and white, this interpretation tells the tale of two loves complicated by foolish stubbornness and undermined by a deceitful villain. Witty exchanges and flowery dialogue ensue as the vicissitudes of love tear apart and bring together the most unlikely of lovers.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    ClearPlay cleans up some language and religious exclamations, but the main edits are for sensuality and sexuality. While a handful of the edits you won’t miss, one does concern a major plot point and might cause some confusion for those not familiar with the story.

    Is Much Ado About Nothing Something?

    Right up front I should warn you that this interpretation of Shakespeare uses the original language of the plays. This is often hard to understand and can be a mental workout until your brain gets used to it. If you are a fan of Shakespeare interpretations, grab ClearPlay and give it a go. Those who are not fans of the English of Shakespeare’s time will probably get a headache. It was fun to see Joss bring in some of his Avengers and Firefly actors to the show. Agent Coulson spouting Shakespeare? It’s in there!

    Brian Fuller - ClearPlay Cupid

    Rated PG-13 for some sexuality and brief drug use; 109 min; Directed by Joss Whedon
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Much Ado About Nothing (2012)

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