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  • The Lego Movie

    Emmett is a good little Lego drone, living his life and doing his work just as the instructions say he should. But lurking in the shadows is the evil Lord Business who wants everything in Legoland to stay just as it is. Emmett inadvertently finds the mystical Piece of Resistance and gets caught up in an adventure that teaches him to think outside of the instructions and become a Master Builder to save Legoland before it’s too late.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    There isn’t a lot for ClearPlay to do here besides mute a few minor words and some rude humor. The violence involves lego pieces breaking apart and would likely not bother anyone. Appropriate for the whole family.

    Is Everything Awesome in The Lego Movie?...

    I was pleasantly surprised by The Lego Movie. The animation and the story are all squarely aimed at kids who are better able to deal with all the visual noise than I am, but the film includes a lot of clever jokes for adults, most of which will fly over the heads of the kids. While not my favorite animated movie, it is splashy and fun and manages to work in an emotional moment at the end that was unexpected. It deserves at least one viewing, and your kids will likely want more.

    Brian Fuller - ClearPlay Master Builder

    Rated PG for mild action and rude humor; 100 min; Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller
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The Lego Movie

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