• Movie Filter - The Railway Man - Date: 8/22/2014
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    Dysfunctional Relationships
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  • The Railway Man

    Eric (Colin Firth) falls in love with Patti (Nicole Kidman), they wed, and it looks like happily ever after. But Patti soon learns that Eric suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is still tormented by his treatment as a POW in a Japanese labor camp. His mental state seems incurable until Eric discovers his chief tormentor from the war is still alive. Eric believes if he confronts his demons, he can release himself from his prolonged captivity.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    The Railway Man was rated R for “disturbing prisoner of war violence.” The ClearPlayed version removes some husband/wife intimacy, images of a suicide, and several intense scenes of beatings and torture. Although the movie would make for good family discussions about the consequences of war, certain scenes will still be too disturbing for younger viewers. Also may be paced too slow for teens.

    Is Railway Man on the right track?...

    There is a nice chemistry between Firth and Kidman, and the flashback scenes from World War II are harrowing and scary. It’s no Bridge on the River Kwai, but The Railway Man does a nice job of establishing the personal tragedy of war, and its emotional payoff is powerful.

    Marty Nabhan- ClearPlay Peacenik

    Rated R for disturbing prisoner of war violence; 116 mins; Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky
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The Railway Man

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