• Movie Filter - X-Men: Days of Future Past - Date: 10/21/2014
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    Sensual Content, Strong Action Violence

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    Revealing Clothing,
    Some Suggestive Dialogue,
    Threatening Dialogue,
    Intense Action/Adventure,
    Intense Life/Death Situations,
    War Themes,
    Disaster Themes,
    Martial Arts Action,
    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Action,
    Scary Moments,
    Non-Graphic Injury/Wound,
    Alcohol Consumption,
    Bar/Club Environment,
    Mature Thematic Elements,
    Intense Thematic Elements,
    Murder Topic,
    Dysfunctional Relationships
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  • X-men: Days of Future Past

    X--men: Days of Future Past begins in the future, and life isn’t exactly roses and rainbows for our superheroes. An ongoing full-blown war between the super mutants and regular humans is taking its toll, with the humans implementing giant humanoid robots that incorporate Mystique technology to adapt to and counteract mutant powers. The wonderfully wacky solution? Send Wolverine back to 1973 to stop humans from acquiring the technology and averting all future

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    X-Men, which received a PG--13 rating, includes a full shot of Wolverine’s backside, an F-word, 20-plus profanities, and of course, Mystique walking around in all her blue blue-ness. The violence, though plentiful, is mostly comic-book stuff, though some graphic images are trimmed. ClearPlayed, the movie is fine for audiences mature enough not to emulate the violent behaviors, and has a nice message about our abilities to make a difference.

    Will Days of Future Past fill my tomorrows with happiness?...

    Okay, I’m about superheroed out, but this installment of X-men has some great effects, and a standout set piece that almost steals the whole movie. Equal parts excitement and self-parodying humor make its running time (2:11) fly by.

    Rated PG- 13 for sequences of intense sci-fi violence and action, some suggestive material, nudity and language; 131 mins; Directed by Bryan Singer
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X-Men: Days of Future Past

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