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    A wealthy man (Ben Kingsley) with failing health, decides to undergo a procedure that transfers his consciousness into a body developed in a lab (Ryan Reynolds). The secretive company that performs this service does so to preserve those who deserve to carry on, aka those who can afford it. With his new body, the wealthy man lives it up, but gradually learns that his $250 million procedure came at a cost that he not only didn’t understand, but quickly regrets.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    Though ClearPlay cleans up about 20 profanities, an instance of vomiting, and some scenes and montages of implied intercourse and lewd behavior, most of its work is with violence. The graphic aftermaths of shooting, torching, and other mayhem are trimmed. The movie’s reliance on violent behavior, serious themes, and a creepy premise restrict it to mature teens and older.

    Does ‘Self/less’ have an identity of its own?...

    Master stylist Tarsem Singh directed Self/less with some visual flair, and the movie approaches some interesting ideas. Most of the plot, though, deals with action and violence with little consequence. The general critical consensus of the film isn’t too solid, but I thought it was acut above standard action fare, with some intriguing ideas thrown in for good measure.

    Marty Nabhan, ClearPlay Clone Engineer

    Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence, some sexuality, and language; 117 mins; Directed by Tarsem Singh
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