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    An Irish lass, Eilis (“Ay-lish”) (Saoire Ronan), sails away from her homeland leaving her mother and sister behind, uncertain when—or if—she will see them again. Immigrating to Brooklyn proves more difficult than she imagined. When she finally adjusts and settles into the new culture and a new love, a family crisis pulls her back to Ireland, where she feels torn between two countries and two loves, old and new.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    The film has some strong Christian characters, and depicts (most of the time) high moral standards of the 1950s. However, there are occasional obscenities (including 2 f-words), a few religious exclamations, and a sex scene. ClearPlay skips over those elements, making it feel like a good clean movie.

    Is Brooklyn the top of the morning? …

    The first quarter of the film felt slow and mundane, but I realized the painful pace and mood actually helped me feel Eilis’s deep loneliness and homesickness. The story (and, literally, the color) brightens as she accepts and embraces her new life. Kids might not enjoy the love story (yuck, mush), but adults can appreciate many aspects of the film. And the time period might induce pleasant waves of nostalgia for some (ahem, older) adults.

    Trudy Bockoven, a ClearPlay Irish Brogue Imitator

    Rated PG - 13 for a scene of sexuality and brief strong language; 111 mins; Directed by John Crowley
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