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  • The Finest Hours

    In 1952, a deadly Nor’easter gale whips the sea into a fury, cracking not one, but two oil tankers in half near the coast of Cape Cod. The Finest Hours closely depicts the true story of the Coast Guard’s dangerous rescue of 32 men trapped in the Pendleton’s stern.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    The film contains no sexual situations or nudity, but does have strong language. ClearPlay comes to the rescue and removes the cursing. It also filters some scenes of fatal injury, allowing enough image to understand what happens, but sparing the grisly details.

    Will watching the film be the finest hours?...

    As the wife of a retired sailor, I am partial to positive portrayals of the military. Add to that a rescue at sea, and well, I loved this nail-biting film! With the cursing removed, this is a wonderful family movie demonstrating many fine qualities: courage, selflessness, teamwork, responsibility, sacrifice, faith, and miracles. Some elements I thought surely were added for dramatic effect, but later learned, through research, they actually happened. Amazing. Get the movie started while I fetch more tissues.

    Trudy Bockoven, ClearPlay Bravery Soft Spot

    Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of peril; 117 mins; Directed by Craig Gillespie
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The Finest Hours

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