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  • God’s Not Dead 2

    Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart) faces a civil lawsuit for answering a student’s question about Jesus during a class discussion of historic leaders who promoted peace. Although the question—and answer—directly relates to the history lesson, Grace is accused of preaching instead of teaching. Some characters from God’s Not Dead carry over into this sequel, but the story stands on its own.

    ClearPlay In Action!

    The content of this PG-rated Christian film needs very little, if any, filtering. On ClearPlay’s highest settings it will omit a father slapping his son and a little bit of mild name-calling. Angry protestors and heated courtroom drama create some tense scenes, though, which might disturb younger children.

    So, will the jury reach a verdict? …

    As a Christian, I found the war-on-religion theme uncomfortably realistic. As a movie-buff, I found the characters uncommonly static—most remained unchanged. By the end of the story, the anti-religious were still anti-religious; the fence-sitters were still sitting; and the religious were still saintly. However, the story presents interesting arguments and strong evidence, especially when real life authors Lee Strobel (“Case for Christ”) and J. Warner Wallace (“Cold Case Christianity”) testify in court. Overall, the film is interesting and worth watching.

    Trudy Bockoven, ClearPlay Witness

    Rated PG for some thematic elements; 120 mins; Directed by Harold Cronk
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God's Not Dead 2

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