• Movie Filter - Someone Like You - Date: 1/1/2004
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    Content Warnings:
    Sensual Content

    General Themes and Other Content:
    Sex Education Dialogue,
    Non-Sensual/Non-Crude Sex Talk,
    Alcohol Consumption,
    Bar/Club Environment,
    Mature Thematic Elements,
    Abortion Topic
  • Starring
    Ashley Judd
    Greg Kinnear
    Hugh Jackman
    Marisa Tomei
    Ellen Barkin
    Catherine Dent
    Peter Friedman
    Laura Regan
    Sue Jin Song
    Keith Reddin

  • Someone Like You

    A Broken Heart May Just Lead You to That Someone Special!

    Jane Goodale is beautiful, fun, smart, and in the middle of a spicy romance with one of her coworker’s Ray Brown (Greg Kinnear). Life is bliss and she believes she has found her special someone, until that special someone finds…well..someone else. In a fit of rage Jane dives into an obsessive study on why men do what they do. She turns to books, Internet, friends, anyone and anything that will give her broken heart a little solace. Including her newly found roommate Eddie (Hugh Jackman) who, as it turns out may be her own new special someone.

    First let’s hit on (hehe) the reason we are reviewing this tantalizing Rom-Com, Hugh Jackman, who of course, is up for an Oscar. He’s a man who, as we all know, can do it all. From Broadway, to action films, to romantic comedies, and most recently, to cinematic musical, he is the whole package and his role in Someone Like You only adds to the superstar talent of his portfolio. A movie that seems to have it all falls short in only one area, not enough romantic build-up between Jackman and Judd. I wanted the movie to go on for another 30 minutes just so I could see more of their chemistry, call me a sap but I felt slightly let down only in that one area.

    Motherly Advice: I watched Someone Like You with medium filters and there are a couple of scenes in particular to be aware of. One shows Ashley Judd and Greg Kinnear passionately kissing, both are topless, you see his bare back and the side of her torso. It’s a scene that I could have gone without seeing and MOST filters would clear that scene out. Another scene includes Ashley Judd in a very small camisole and bikini underwear, that same scene shows a bare chested Hugh Jackman. The rest of Jane’s outfits were modest with the exception of two dresses that were strapless. The ending scene also has a passionate but tasteful kiss. A couple of the main characters are heavy smokers, and all of the characters are drinking throughout the film. Though this film is rated PG-13, because of the above content, I would recommend this for ages 15 and up.

    Trisha - 8 Cow Wife

    Rated PG-13 for sexual content including dialogue, and for some language; 97 min; Directed by Tony Goldwyn
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Someone Like You

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