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Taken 3
We just rented this movie and bought #2 so we can see them in order. Taken #2 worked but now Taken #3 ...(view more)
Taken 3
Weaw that you had the filter so we rented it. Doesn`t work.
Black Hawk Down
Most of the language not filtered for this movie.
Game of Thrones
Do you guys have a date for the season 4 blu ray filters yet?
Other Woman, The
I love this movie and I wish I could watch it with my daughter or son husband but is contain a lot of ...(view more)
I had the same experience! Not sure if I want to pay for a subscription!
Mission: Impossible III
Please make these Mission: Impossible movies available for streaming!
William Bill Scudder May of this year according to ClearPlay.
House of Cards
Would you be so kind as to give us an update on when season 2 will be available? You have posted nothing ...(view more)
House of Cards
Season 2! Season 2! Season 2!
Judge, The
ClearPlay Thank you.
Game of Thrones
We just tried a blu ray of season 4 from Netflix and it said there was no filter. Have you done the blu ...(view more)
Theory of Everything, The
The Redbox of this movie was just released today. Will this filter work with it or does it need to updated? ...(view more)

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