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Mutant ChroniclesR Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 8/6/2009
Race To Witch MountainReviewedPG Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller 8/6/2009
ObsessedPG13 Crime, Drama, Thriller 8/4/2009
The SoloistReviewedPG13 Drama, Musical 8/4/2009
Echelon ConspiracyPG13 Action, Suspense, Thriller 7/28/2009
Dragonball EvolutionPG Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller 7/28/2009
Fast and FuriousPG13 Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 7/28/2009
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-LiPG13   7/21/2009
CoralinePG Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Family 7/21/2009
WatchmenR Action 7/21/2009
The Great Buck HowardPG Comedy 7/21/2009
The Haunting in ConnecticutPG13 Horror, Thriller 7/17/2009
State and MainR Comedy, Drama 7/16/2009
Night TrainR Action, Crime, Suspense, Thriller 7/16/2009
The Edge of LoveR Drama, Romance, War 7/16/2009
KnowingPG13 Action, Drama, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Thriller 7/7/2009
PushPG13 Sci-Fi, Thriller 7/7/2009
The UnbornNR Horror, Thriller 7/6/2009
12 RoundsPG13 Action, Adventure, Thriller 6/30/2009
Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert ExperienceG Documentary, Musical 6/26/2009
Grudge 3R Horror, Thriller 6/25/2009
Ice AgePG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family 6/25/2009
The CodeR   6/25/2009
InkheartReviewedPG Adventure, Fantasy, Family 6/23/2009
Confessions Of A ShopaholicReviewedPG Comedy, Romance 6/23/2009
The Pink Panther 2PG Adventure, Comedy, Suspense 6/23/2009
Waltz with BashirR Animation, Drama, War 6/23/2009
GhostbustersReviewedPG Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 6/19/2009
Every Which Way But LoosePG Action, Comedy 6/17/2009
Black Christmas 1974R Horror, Suspense, Thriller 6/17/2009
Just VisitingPG13 Comedy, Fantasy 6/17/2009
Madea Goes to JailPG13 Comedy, Crime, Drama 6/17/2009
Mickey Blue EyesPG13 Comedy, Crime, Romance 6/16/2009
S. DarkoR Suspense, Sci-Fi 6/10/2009
Gran TorinoR Crime, Drama 6/10/2009
Crossing OverR Drama 6/10/2009
The InternationalR Crime, Thriller 6/10/2009
DefianceReviewedR Drama, Thriller, War 6/4/2009
Jeremiah JohnsonPG Drama, Western 6/3/2009
KillshotR Crime, Drama, Thriller 6/3/2009
Forever StrongPG13 Drama, Sport 6/3/2009
Revolutionary RoadR Drama, Romance 6/3/2009
He's Just Not That Into YouReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 6/3/2009
Wild CatsR Comedy, Sport 5/29/2009
New in TownPG Comedy, Romance 5/29/2009
The Glass HousePG13 Thriller 5/28/2009
The Last TemplarNR Drama 5/28/2009
OUTLANDERR Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 5/28/2009
CapricaNR Action, Drama, Sci-Fi 5/28/2009
ValkyriePG13 Thriller, War 5/19/2009
Paul Blart: Mall CopPG Action, Comedy, Crime 5/19/2009
Underworld: Rise of the LycansR Action, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller 5/13/2009
PassengersPG13 Drama, Suspense, Thriller 5/13/2009
TakenReviewedPG13 Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 5/13/2009
The Nightmare Before ChristmasReviewedPG Animation, Fantasy, Family, Musical 5/11/2009
Battle In SeattleR Action, Drama 5/5/2009
Last WordR Drama, Romance 5/5/2009
Last Chance HarveyPG13 Drama, Romance 5/5/2009
The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonReviewedPG13 Drama, Fantasy, Suspense, Romance 5/5/2009
Chandni Chowk to ChinaPG13 Action, Comedy, Drama 5/5/2009
Nothing But the TruthR Drama, Thriller 4/30/2009
JCVDR   4/30/2009
Hotel for DogsPG Comedy, Family 4/30/2009
Let the Right One InR Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller 4/28/2009
The UninvitedPG13 Drama, Horror, Thriller 4/28/2009
Bride WarsPG13 Comedy, Romance 4/28/2009
ProphecyR Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, Thriller 4/21/2009
Manufacturing DissentR Documentary 4/21/2009
The WrestlerR Drama, Romance, Sport 4/21/2009
The CallerPG13 Drama, Thriller 4/21/2009
Frost/NixonR Drama 4/21/2009
Bubble BoyPG13   4/15/2009
Twilight (1998)R Crime, Drama, Suspense, Thriller 4/15/2009
The ReaderR Drama, Romance 4/15/2009
The SpiritPG13 Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller 4/13/2009
Synecdoche, New YorkR Comedy, Drama 4/7/2009
The Day the Earth Stood StillPG13 Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller 4/7/2009
Bedtime StoriesPG Comedy, Fantasy, Family 4/7/2009
DoubtPG13 Drama, Suspense 4/7/2009
Yes ManReviewedPG13 Comedy, Romance 4/7/2009
The Tale of DespereauxG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Family 4/7/2009
I Served the King of EnglandR Comedy, Romance, War 4/1/2009
Seven PoundsPG13 Drama 4/1/2009
Marley & MePG Crime, Drama, Family, Romance 4/1/2009
Slumdog MillionaireR Crime, Drama, Romance 3/31/2009
Quantum of SolacePG13 Action, Adventure, Thriller 3/30/2009
American GangsterR Crime, Drama, Thriller 3/26/2009
ElegyR Drama, Romance 3/25/2009
Nobel SonR Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller 3/25/2009
Happy-Go-LuckyR Comedy, Drama 3/24/2009
Goal IIPG13 Drama, Sport 3/24/2009
BoltPG Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Family 3/24/2009
The Village BarbershopR Drama 3/19/2009
Punisher: War ZoneR Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 3/19/2009
The Boy in the Striped PajamasPG13 Drama, Thriller, War 3/19/2009
Savage GraceNR Drama 3/17/2009
MilkR Drama, Romance 3/17/2009
TwilightPG13 Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller 3/17/2009
Transporter 3PG13 Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller 3/13/2009
How to Lose Friends & Alienate PeopleR Comedy, Romance 3/11/2009


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