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In the LoopR Comedy 6/30/2010
Remember MeReviewedPG13 Drama, Romance 6/23/2010
The Last StationR Comedy, Drama, Romance 6/23/2010
Green ZoneReviewedR Action, Drama, Thriller, War 6/23/2010
CreationReviewedPG13 Drama, Romance 6/16/2010
The Book of EliReviewedR Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller 6/15/2010
When In RomeReviewedPG13 Comedy, Romance 6/15/2010
Youth in RevoltR Comedy, Drama, Romance 6/15/2010
UnthinkableR Drama, Thriller 6/15/2010
From Paris with LoveReviewedR Action, Crime, Thriller 6/8/2010
Shutter IslandReviewedR Suspense, Thriller 6/8/2010
The Red BaronPG13 Drama, Romance, War 6/3/2010
The WolfmanReviewedR Horror, Thriller 6/1/2010
Alice In WonderlandReviewedPG Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Film-Noir 6/1/2010
The Hurt LockerNR Action, Adventure, War 5/28/2010
The RoadReviewedR Adventure, Drama, Thriller 5/25/2010
Summer HoursNR Drama 5/25/2010
Che: Part TwoR Drama, War 5/25/2010
The New DaughterPG13 Horror, Thriller 5/25/2010
Dear JohnReviewedPG13 Drama, Romance, War 5/25/2010
Valentine's DayReviewedPG13 Comedy, Romance 5/19/2010
InvictusReviewedPG13 Drama, Sport 5/18/2010
The MessengerR Drama, Romance, War 5/18/2010
Extraordinary MeasuresReviewedPG Drama 5/18/2010
The Spy Next DoorPG Action, Comedy, Family 5/18/2010
Hachi: A Dog's TaleReviewedG Drama, Family 5/14/2010
DaybreakersR Action, Horror, Sci-Fi 5/14/2010
LegionReviewedR Action, Family, Thriller 5/11/2010
Che: Part OneNR Drama, War 5/11/2010
Edge of DarknessReviewedR Drama, Thriller 5/11/2010
Tooth FairyReviewedPG Comedy, Fantasy 5/4/2010
NinePG13 Drama, Musical, Romance 5/4/2010
DisgraceR Drama 5/4/2010
ArmoredPG13 Action, Drama, Thriller 5/4/2010
Leap YearReviewedPG Comedy, Romance 5/4/2010
Leap YearReviewedPG Comedy, Romance 5/4/2010
TetroR Drama, Suspense 5/4/2010
It's ComplicatedReviewedR Comedy, Romance 4/30/2010
The Imaginarium of Doctor ParnassusReviewedPG13 Adventure, Fantasy, Suspense 4/27/2010
Crazy HeartReviewedR Drama, Romance 4/22/2010
AvatarReviewedPG13 Action, Sci-Fi 4/22/2010
The Lovely BonesReviewedPG13 Drama, Fantasy, Thriller 4/20/2010
The Young VictoriaReviewedPG Drama, Romance 4/20/2010
TenureR Comedy 4/20/2010
TendernessR Crime, Drama, Thriller 4/20/2010
Crazy on the OutsideReviewedPG13 Comedy, Romance 4/15/2010
The Vampire's Assistant: Cirque du FreakReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller 4/13/2010
Pirate RadioReviewedR Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance 4/13/2010
DefendorR Comedy, Crime, Drama 4/13/2010
WhiteoutR Action, Crime, Drama, Suspense, Thriller 4/6/2010
Gentlemen BroncosPG13 Comedy 4/6/2010
Bad Lieutenant, The: Port of Call - New OrleansR Crime, Drama 4/6/2010
An EducationReviewedPG13 Drama 3/30/2010
Sherlock HolmesReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Crime, Suspense, Thriller 3/30/2010
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The SqueakquelPG Animation, Comedy, Family 3/30/2010
Fantastic Mr. FoxReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family 3/24/2010
BrothersReviewedR Drama, Thriller, War 3/24/2010
The Men Who Stare At GoatsReviewedR Comedy, War 3/24/2010
The Blind SideReviewedPG13 Drama, Sport 3/23/2010
New MoonReviewedPG13 Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance 3/20/2010
The Princess and the FrogReviewedG Animation, Fantasy, Family, Musical, Romance 3/16/2010
Did You Hear About the Morgans?ReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 3/16/2010
Astro BoyPG Action, Animation, Family, Sci-Fi 3/16/2010
The Fourth KindPG13 Drama, Horror, Suspense, Sci-Fi 3/16/2010
Prison BreakNR Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, TV 3/12/2010
Precious: Based on the Novel Push by SapphireReviewedR Drama 3/9/2010
The Private Lives of Pippa LeeR Drama, Romance 3/9/2010
Up in the AirReviewedR Comedy, Drama, Romance 3/9/2010
Old DogsPG Comedy, Family 3/9/2010
Capitalism: A Love StoryR Documentary 3/9/2010
Planet 51ReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi 3/9/2010
2012ReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller 3/2/2010
Where the Wild Things AreReviewedPG Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Family 3/2/2010
Cold SoulsPG13 Comedy, Drama 3/2/2010
PonyoReviewedG Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Family 3/2/2010
Everybody's FineReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama 2/25/2010
The Informant!ReviewedR Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller 2/24/2010
The BoxPG13 Drama, Horror, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Thriller 2/24/2010
Law Abiding CitizenReviewedR Action, Thriller 2/17/2010
The Other ManR Drama 2/16/2010
New York, I Love YouR Drama, Romance 2/16/2010
Whip ItReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Sport 2/16/2010
EndgamePG13 Drama, Thriller 2/16/2010
Couples RetreatReviewedPG13 Comedy 2/12/2010
Couples RetreatReviewedPG13 Comedy 2/12/2010
Bright StarPG Fantasy, Romance 2/9/2010
A Serious ManR Comedy, Drama 2/9/2010
The Time Traveler's WifeReviewedPG13 Drama, Romance 2/9/2010
This Is ItPG Documentary, Musical 2/3/2010
Love HappensPG13 Drama, Romance 2/3/2010
AmeliaReviewedPG Drama 2/3/2010
ZombielandReviewedR Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror 2/3/2010
SurrogatesReviewedPG13 Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller 1/26/2010
DeparturesReviewedPG13 Drama, Musical 1/26/2010
A Perfect GetawayR Drama, Horror, Suspense, Thriller 1/21/2010
Post GradPG Comedy 1/21/2010
GamerReviewedR Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller 1/21/2010
The Invention of LyingReviewedPG13 Comedy, Romance 1/21/2010
MoonReviewedR Drama, Sci-Fi 1/13/2010
The Hurt LockerReviewedR Action, Drama, Thriller, War 1/13/2010


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