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MoonReviewedR Drama, Sci-Fi 1/13/2010
The Hurt LockerReviewedR Action, Drama, Thriller, War 1/13/2010
FameReviewedPG Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical, Romance 1/13/2010
Jennifer's BodyR Comedy, Horror, Thriller 1/12/2010
ExtractR Comedy, Drama 1/12/2010
AdamReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 1/12/2010
Final Destination, The (2009)ReviewedR Horror, Thriller 1/12/2010
Cloudy With A Chance Of MeatballsReviewedPG Animation, Family 1/6/2010
Cloudy With A Chance Of MeatballsReviewedPG Animation, Family 1/6/2010
TruckerR Drama 1/6/2010
Love and DebatePG13 Comedy, Drama 12/29/2009
All About SteveReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama 12/29/2009
All About SteveReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama 12/29/2009
9ReviewedPG13 Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 12/29/2009
Paranormal ActivityReviewedR Horror, Suspense, Thriller 12/29/2009
District 9ReviewedR Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller 12/23/2009
(500) Days of SummerReviewedPG13 Comedy 12/23/2009
Merlin and the Book of BeastsNR Action, Fantasy 12/18/2009
G-ForcePG Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Family 12/18/2009
Inglourious BasterdsR Drama, War 12/18/2009
Public EnemiesR Action, Crime, Drama, Romance 12/9/2009
Julie & JuliaReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 12/9/2009
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrincePG Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Suspense, Romance 12/9/2009
The Muppet Christmas CarolNR Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Musical 12/7/2009
Funny PeopleR Comedy, Drama 12/4/2009
Imagine ThatPG Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 12/4/2009
Night At The Museum: Battle Of The SmithsonianReviewedPG Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family 12/4/2009
Four ChristmasesPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 12/2/2009
Terminator SalvationReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 12/2/2009
MonkNR Comedy, Crime, Drama, Suspense, TV 12/2/2009
Almost HeavenR Drama 11/26/2009
Bring It On: Fight To The FinishPG13 Comedy, Sport 11/26/2009
Whatever WorksPG13 Comedy, Romance 11/26/2009
Angels & DemonsPG13 Action, Suspense, Thriller 11/26/2009
Star TrekReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 11/17/2009
My Sister's KeeperReviewedPG13 Drama 11/17/2009
The Ugly TruthReviewedR Comedy, Romance 11/13/2009
Anvil! The Story of AnvilNR Documentary, Musical 11/11/2009
UpReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family 11/11/2009
The Accidental HusbandPG13 Comedy, Romance 11/11/2009
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3ReviewedR Crime, Drama, Thriller 11/4/2009
ChaplinPG13 Drama 11/3/2009
Down PeriscopePG13 Comedy 11/3/2009
Local ColorR Drama 11/3/2009
G.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller 11/3/2009
Aliens in the AtticPG Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi 11/3/2009
Food, Inc.PG Documentary 11/3/2009
LymelifeR Comedy, Drama 10/27/2009
OrphanR Drama, Horror, Suspense, Thriller 10/27/2009
Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursPG Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Romance 10/27/2009
Nothing Like the HolidaysPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 10/27/2009
Drag Me to HellPG13 Horror 10/20/2009
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 10/20/2009
CheriR Romance 10/20/2009
Away We GoR   10/13/2009
AdorationR   10/13/2009
The ProposalReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 10/13/2009
Land of the LostPG13   10/13/2009
The Dark KnightPG13 Action, Crime 10/12/2009
Year OnePG13 Comedy 10/5/2009
My Life In RuinsPG13 Comedy 10/4/2009
Battle For TerraPG Action, Sci-Fi 9/29/2009
Monsters vs AliensPG Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi 9/29/2009
Brothers BloomReviewedPG13 Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance 9/29/2009
ManagementR Comedy, Romance 9/26/2009
Ghosts of Girlfriends PastPG13 Comedy, Romance 9/25/2009
Made In AmericaPG13 Comedy 9/23/2009
The Legend of 1900R Drama, Fantasy, Musical, Romance 9/23/2009
X-Men Origins: WolverineReviewedPG13 Action, Sci-Fi 9/15/2009
Easy VirtuePG13 Comedy, Romance 9/15/2009
The ClassPG13 Drama 9/8/2009
AdventurelandR Comedy 9/8/2009
SugarPG13 Drama, Sport 9/8/2009
Sunshine CleaningR Comedy, Drama 9/1/2009
TysonR Documentary 9/1/2009
State of PlayPG13 Drama, Suspense, Thriller 9/1/2009
Donkey XPG Animation, Family 9/1/2009
FightingPG13 Action 8/23/2009
DuplicityPG13 Crime, Romance, Thriller 8/21/2009
Meet DavePG Adventure, Comedy, Family, Romance, Sci-Fi 8/19/2009
The Golden BoysPG Romance 8/18/2009
Hannah Montana The MovieG Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical, Romance 8/17/2009
17 AgainReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 8/12/2009
I Love You, ManR Comedy 8/11/2009
DelgoPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance 8/7/2009
The Chaos ExperimentR Drama, Thriller 8/7/2009
Alien TresspassPG Comedy, Sci-Fi 8/7/2009
Labor PainsPG13 Comedy 8/6/2009
Mutant ChroniclesR Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 8/6/2009
Race To Witch MountainReviewedPG Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller 8/6/2009
ObsessedPG13 Crime, Drama, Thriller 8/4/2009
The SoloistReviewedPG13 Drama, Musical 8/4/2009
Echelon ConspiracyPG13 Action, Suspense, Thriller 7/28/2009
Dragonball EvolutionPG Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller 7/28/2009
Fast and FuriousPG13 Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 7/28/2009
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-LiPG13   7/21/2009
CoralinePG Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Family 7/21/2009
WatchmenR Action 7/21/2009
The Great Buck HowardPG Comedy 7/21/2009
The Haunting in ConnecticutPG13 Horror, Thriller 7/17/2009


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