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Girl in ProgressReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama 9/13/2012
Snow White and the HuntsmanReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Drama 9/11/2012
What to Expect When You're ExpectingReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 9/11/2012
The Five-Year EngagementReviewedR Comedy, Romance 9/7/2012
SafeR Action, Crime, Thriller 9/7/2012
The DictatorR Comedy 9/4/2012
Think Like a ManReviewedPG13 Comedy, Romance 9/4/2012
The Pirates! Band of MisfitsReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy 9/4/2012
BattleshipReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 8/30/2012
The Lucky OneReviewedPG13 Drama 8/28/2012
BernieReviewedPG13 Comedy, Crime, Drama 8/24/2012
ChimpanzeeReviewedG Documentary 8/21/2012
A SeparationReviewedPG13 Drama 8/21/2012
The Hunger GamesReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 8/17/2012
The Hunger GamesReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 8/17/2012
Get the GringoR Action, Crime, Drama 8/15/2012
LOLReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 8/7/2012
The LoraxReviewedPG Animation, Comedy, Family 8/7/2012
The LoraxReviewedPG Animation, Comedy, Family 8/7/2012
Bel AmiR Drama 8/7/2012
Hatfields & McCoysReviewedNR Drama, Romance 8/3/2012
ATMR Horror, Thriller 7/31/2012
Silent HouseR Drama, Horror, Thriller 7/24/2012
Salmon Fishing in the YemenReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 7/17/2012
LockoutReviewedNR Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller 7/17/2012
Friends with KidsR Comedy 7/17/2012
Casa de mi PadreR Comedy 7/17/2012
The Three StoogesReviewedPG Comedy 7/17/2012
Thin IceR Comedy, Crime, Drama 7/13/2012
The Decoy BridePG Comedy, Drama 7/10/2012
Being FlynnR Comedy, Drama 7/10/2012
The Flowers of WarR Drama, War 7/10/2012
W.E.R Drama, Romance 7/7/2012
Albert NobbsR Drama 7/3/2012
We Need to Talk About KevinR Drama, Thriller 7/3/2012
21 Jump StreetReviewedR Action, Comedy, Crime 6/26/2012
A Thousand WordsPG13 Comedy, Drama 6/26/2012
Mirror MirrorReviewedPG Adventure, Comedy, Drama 6/26/2012
Mirror MirrorReviewedPG Adventure, Comedy, Drama 6/26/2012
Wrath of the TitansReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Fantasy 6/26/2012
The ArtistReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 6/26/2012
Young Sherlock HolmesPG13 Action, Adventure, Family 6/19/2012
Jeff, Who Lives at HomeReviewedR Comedy 6/19/2012
Big MiracleReviewedPG Drama, Romance 6/19/2012
Machine Gun PreacherR Action, Crime 6/19/2012
A Little Bit of HeavenReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 6/14/2012
Ghost Rider: Spirit of VengeanceReviewedPG13 Action, Fantasy, Thriller 6/13/2012
Good DeedsReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 6/13/2012
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Crime 6/13/2012
CoriolanusR Drama, Thriller 6/5/2012
Safe HouseReviewedR Action, Crime, Suspense 6/5/2012
Act of ValorReviewedR Action, Adventure, Thriller 6/5/2012
John CarterReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Fantasy 6/5/2012
Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandReviewedPG Action, Adventure, Comedy 6/5/2012
RampartR Crime, Drama 5/29/2012
Case 39R Horror, Suspense, Thriller 5/29/2012
Man on a LedgeReviewedPG13 Crime, Thriller 5/29/2012
GoneReviewedPG13 Drama, Thriller 5/29/2012
The Secret World of ArriettyG Adventure, Animation, Family 5/22/2012
The Woman in BlackReviewedPG13 Drama, Horror, Thriller 5/22/2012
Red TailsReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Drama 5/22/2012
This Means WarReviewedPG13 Action, Comedy, Romance 5/22/2012
Prison Break: The Final BreakNR Action, Drama, Thriller, TV 5/19/2012
The GreyReviewedR Action, Adventure, Drama 5/18/2012
ChronicleReviewedPG13 Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller 5/15/2012
The Devil InsideR Horror 5/15/2012
One For The MoneyReviewedPG13 Action, Comedy, Crime 5/15/2012
Reality of LovePG13 Comedy 5/10/2012
Scorpion King 3, The: Battle For RedemptionPG13 Action, Adventure, Fantasy 5/8/2012
Underworld: AwakeningReviewedR Action, Fantasy, Horror 5/8/2012
The VowReviewedPG13 Drama, Romance 5/8/2012
Clearplay Test DiscNR Action 5/4/2012
MidwayPG Action, Drama, War 5/3/2012
Joyful NoiseReviewedPG13 Comedy, Musical 5/1/2012
HaywireReviewedR Action, Thriller 5/1/2012
New Year's EveReviewedPG13 Comedy, Romance 5/1/2012
ContrabandReviewedR Action, Crime, Drama 4/27/2012
Dark TidePG13 Adventure, Drama, Thriller 4/27/2012
BlackthornR Western 4/24/2012
The InnkeepersR Horror, Thriller 4/24/2012
There Be DragonsReviewedPG13 Drama, War 4/17/2012
Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Thriller 4/17/2012
The Darkest HourReviewedPG13 Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller 4/10/2012
The Iron LadyReviewedPG13 Drama 4/10/2012
War HorseReviewedPG13 Drama, War 4/3/2012
We Bought a ZooReviewedPG Comedy, Drama, Family 4/3/2012
The Son of No OneR Crime, Drama, Thriller 3/30/2012
The SitterR Comedy 3/30/2012
Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseReviewedPG13 Adventure, Drama, Suspense 3/27/2012
A Dangerous MethodReviewedR Drama, Thriller 3/27/2012
Alvin and the Chipmunks: ChipwreckedG Animation, Comedy, Family 3/27/2012
CarnageR Comedy, Drama 3/22/2012
HopPG Animation, Comedy, Family 3/22/2012
Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyR Drama, Suspense, Thriller 3/22/2012
MelancholiaR Drama, Sci-Fi 3/22/2012
The MuppetsReviewedPG Comedy, Drama, Family 3/20/2012
The Girl with the Dragon TattooReviewedR Crime, Drama, Suspense, Thriller 3/20/2012
My Week with MarilynR Drama 3/15/2012
Three Musketeers, The (2011)PG13 Action, Adventure, Romance 3/13/2012
The DescendantsReviewedR Comedy, Drama 3/13/2012


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