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The InternshipReviewedPG13 Comedy 10/29/2013
R.I.P.D.ReviewedPG13 Action, Comedy, Crime, Family 10/29/2013
The Walking DeadReviewedNR Horror, TV 10/26/2013
The Way Way BackReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama 10/24/2013
CastlePG13 Comedy, Crime, Drama, TV 10/22/2013
The ConjuringReviewedR Horror, Thriller 10/22/2013
Empire StateReviewedR Action, Drama 10/15/2013
Pacific RimReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 10/15/2013
The Hangover Part IIIR Comedy 10/11/2013
After EarthReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 10/8/2013
Much Ado About Nothing (2012)ReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 10/8/2013
The PurgeR Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller 10/8/2013
The Frozen GroundReviewedR Crime, Thriller 10/4/2013
The CroodsReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Family 10/1/2013
The CroodsReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Family 10/1/2013
Iron Man 3ReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 9/24/2013
The Kings of SummerReviewedR Comedy, Drama 9/24/2013
Unfinished SongReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance 9/24/2013
Unfinished SongReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance 9/24/2013
The IcemanR Crime, Drama 9/20/2013
The Bling RingReviewedR Crime, Drama 9/17/2013
The EastPG13 Thriller 9/17/2013
World War ZReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Horror 9/17/2013
Star Trek: Into DarknessReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure 9/10/2013
PeeplesReviewedPG13 Comedy, Romance 9/10/2013
Pain & GainReviewedR Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller 9/5/2013
The BibleNR Action, Drama 9/3/2013
JustifiedNR Action, Crime, Drama, TV 9/3/2013
From Up on Poppy HillReviewedPG Animation, Drama, Family 9/3/2013
Now You See MeReviewedPG13 Crime, Drama, Suspense 9/3/2013
Kon-TikiReviewedPG13 Adventure 8/27/2013
Great Gatsby, The (2013)ReviewedPG13 Drama, Romance 8/27/2013
EpicReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Family 8/20/2013
EpicReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Fantasy, Family 8/20/2013
AmourReviewedPG13 Drama, Romance 8/20/2013
EmperorPG13 Drama 8/20/2013
The Company You KeepReviewedR Drama, Thriller 8/15/2013
Olympus Has FallenReviewedR Action, Thriller 8/13/2013
Doctor WhoReviewedPG Adventure, Drama, Family, TV 8/8/2013
The Place Beyond the PinesReviewedR Crime, Drama 8/6/2013
OblivionReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 8/6/2013
MudReviewedPG13 Drama 8/6/2013
ErasedR Action, Thriller 8/2/2013
Ginger & RosaReviewedPG13 Drama 7/30/2013
G.I. Joe: RetaliationReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 7/30/2013
12 Rounds: ReloadedR Action 7/30/2013
UndefeatedReviewedPG13 Documentary, Sport 7/23/2013
TranceR Comedy, Crime, Drama, Suspense 7/23/2013
Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage CounselorPG13 Drama 7/18/2013
Bullet to the HeadR Action, Crime, Thriller 7/18/2013
StokerR Drama, Suspense, Thriller 7/18/2013
42ReviewedPG13 Drama, Sport 7/16/2013
Dead Man DownR Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 7/11/2013
AdmissionReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 7/9/2013
Host, The (2013)ReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Romance 7/9/2013
Dark SkiesReviewedPG13 Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller 7/2/2013
PhantomR Thriller 7/2/2013
Upside DownPG13 Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi 7/2/2013
The CallReviewedR Thriller 6/28/2013
Identity ThiefReviewedNR Comedy, Crime 6/25/2013
The Incredible Burt WonderstoneReviewedPG13 Comedy 6/25/2013
Jack the Giant SlayerReviewedPG13 Adventure, Fantasy 6/18/2013
QuartetReviewedPG13 Comedy, Drama 6/18/2013
The Numbers StationReviewedR Action, Thriller 6/18/2013
White CollarReviewedNR Comedy, Crime, Drama, TV 6/13/2013
Oz the Great and PowerfulReviewedPG Adventure, Fantasy, Family 6/11/2013
Oz the Great and PowerfulReviewedPG Adventure, Fantasy, Family 6/11/2013
Hansel & Gretel: Witch HuntersReviewedR Action, Fantasy, Horror 6/11/2013
SnitchReviewedPG13 Drama, Thriller 6/11/2013
Escape From Planet EarthPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy 6/7/2013
Side EffectsReviewedR Crime, Drama, Thriller 6/4/2013
A Good Day to Die HardReviewedR Action, Crime, Thriller 6/4/2013
Warm BodiesReviewedPG13 Comedy, Horror, Romance 6/4/2013
ParkerR Action, Crime, Thriller 5/29/2013
Beautiful CreaturesReviewedPG13 Drama, Fantasy, Romance 5/29/2013
Texas Chainsaw 3DR Horror, Thriller 5/24/2013
Stand Up GuysReviewedR Comedy, Crime 5/24/2013
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan IIIR Comedy 5/21/2013
The Last StandReviewedR Action, Crime, Thriller 5/21/2013
A Dark TruthR Action, Thriller 5/14/2013
Cloud AtlasReviewedR Drama, Sci-Fi 5/14/2013
Company of HeroesR Action, War 5/14/2013
Jack ReacherReviewedPG13 Action, Crime, Thriller 5/7/2013
MamaPG13 Horror 5/7/2013
The OrangesR Comedy, Drama, Romance 5/7/2013
Safe HavenReviewedPG13 Drama, Suspense, Romance 5/7/2013
Smokey and the BanditPG Adventure, Comedy 5/3/2013
Broken CityReviewedR Crime, Drama, Thriller 5/3/2013
Silver Linings PlaybookReviewedR Comedy, Drama, Romance 4/30/2013
The Guilt TripReviewedPG13 Comedy 4/30/2013
Hemingway & GellhornNR Drama, Romance 4/23/2013
The ImpossibleReviewedPG13 Drama, Thriller 4/23/2013
Gangster SquadReviewedR Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 4/23/2013
Promised LandReviewedR Drama 4/23/2013
Promised LandReviewedR Drama 4/23/2013
Once Upon a TimeReviewedNR Action, Drama, Fantasy, TV 4/19/2013
Django UnchainedReviewedR Adventure, Crime, Drama 4/19/2013
Straight A'sR Comedy, Drama 4/19/2013
Return to Nim's IslandPG Family 4/12/2013
John Dies at the EndR Comedy, Family, Horror 4/9/2013


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