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Company of HeroesR Action, War 5/14/2013
Jack ReacherReviewedPG13 Action, Crime, Thriller 5/7/2013
MamaPG13 Horror 5/7/2013
The OrangesR Comedy, Drama, Romance 5/7/2013
Safe HavenReviewedPG13 Drama, Suspense, Romance 5/7/2013
Smokey and the BanditPG Adventure, Comedy 5/3/2013
Broken CityReviewedR Crime, Drama, Thriller 5/3/2013
Silver Linings PlaybookReviewedR Comedy, Drama, Romance 4/30/2013
The Guilt TripReviewedPG13 Comedy 4/30/2013
Hemingway & GellhornNR Drama, Romance 4/23/2013
The ImpossibleReviewedPG13 Drama, Thriller 4/23/2013
Gangster SquadReviewedR Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 4/23/2013
Promised LandReviewedR Drama 4/23/2013
Promised LandReviewedR Drama 4/23/2013
Once Upon a TimeReviewedNR Action, Drama, Fantasy, TV 4/19/2013
Django UnchainedReviewedR Adventure, Crime, Drama 4/19/2013
Straight A'sR Comedy, Drama 4/19/2013
Return to Nim's IslandPG Family 4/12/2013
John Dies at the EndR Comedy, Family, Horror 4/9/2013
Hyde Park on HudsonReviewedR Comedy, Drama 4/9/2013
Celeste & Jesse ForeverR Comedy, Drama, Romance 4/5/2013
Crooked ArrowsPG13 Drama, Sport 4/2/2013
Red LightsR Drama, Suspense, Thriller 3/30/2013
Killing Them SoftlyReviewedR Crime, Thriller 3/29/2013
LincolnReviewedPG13 Drama 3/26/2013
Parental GuidanceReviewedPG Comedy 3/26/2013
To the ArcticG Documentary 3/26/2013
Atlas Shrugged II: The StrikePG13 Drama, Suspense, Sci-Fi 3/25/2013
This Is 40R Comedy 3/22/2013
Les MisérablesReviewedPG13 Drama, Musical, Romance 3/21/2013
Zero Dark ThirtyReviewedR Drama, Thriller 3/19/2013
Zero Dark ThirtyReviewedR Drama, Thriller 3/19/2013
The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyReviewedPG13 Adventure, Fantasy 3/19/2013
HitchcockPG13 Drama 3/14/2013
Life of PiReviewedPG Adventure, Drama 3/12/2013
Rise of the GuardiansReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Family 3/12/2013
Rise of the GuardiansReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Family 3/12/2013
DeadfallR Crime, Drama, Thriller 3/12/2013
The IntouchablesR Comedy, Drama 3/8/2013
Robot & FrankPG13 Comedy, Crime, Drama 3/8/2013
Red Dawn (2012)ReviewedPG13 Action 3/5/2013
Playing for KeepsReviewedPG13 Comedy, Romance, Sport 3/5/2013
Wreck-It RalphReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family 3/5/2013
Wreck-It RalphReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family 3/5/2013
BonesReviewedNR Crime, Drama, Suspense, Romance, TV 3/1/2013
Breaking Dawn: Part 2ReviewedPG13 Adventure, Drama, Fantasy 3/1/2013
Breaking Dawn: Part 2ReviewedPG13 Adventure, Drama, Fantasy 3/1/2013
The MasterReviewedR Drama 2/28/2013
Chasing MavericksReviewedPG Drama, Sport 2/28/2013
Fun SizeReviewedPG13 Comedy 2/21/2013
SinisterR Horror, Suspense, Thriller 2/21/2013
Downton AbbeyReviewedNR Drama, TV 2/19/2013
ArgoReviewedR Drama, Thriller 2/19/2013
Anna KareninaReviewedR Drama 2/19/2013
The Perks of Being a WallflowerReviewedPG13 Drama, Romance 2/15/2013
Silent Hill: RevelationR Horror, Suspense, Thriller 2/15/2013
SkyfallReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Crime 2/12/2013
HomelandReviewedR Crime, Drama, Suspense, TV 2/7/2013
Seven PsychopathsR Comedy, Crime 2/7/2013
Alex CrossReviewedPG13 Action, Crime, Suspense 2/6/2013
Here Comes the BoomReviewedPG Action, Comedy 2/5/2013
FlightReviewedR Drama 2/5/2013
The AwakeningR Horror, Thriller 1/31/2013
The Cold Light of DayReviewedPG13 Action, Thriller 1/31/2013
Liberal ArtsPG13 Comedy, Drama 1/29/2013
Hotel TransylvaniaReviewedPG Animation, Comedy, Family 1/29/2013
Hotel TransylvaniaReviewedPG Animation, Comedy, Family 1/29/2013
Paranormal Activity 4R Horror 1/29/2013
The PaperboyR Thriller 1/25/2013
TouchbackPG13 Drama, Family, Sport 1/24/2013
Your Sister's SisterR Comedy, Drama 1/22/2013
Hit and RunR Action, Comedy, Romance 1/18/2013
Won't Back DownReviewedPG Drama 1/18/2013
DreddR Action, Crime, Sci-Fi 1/17/2013
10 YearsPG13 Comedy, Drama, Romance 1/15/2013
To Rome with LoveReviewedR Comedy, Romance 1/15/2013
Taken 2ReviewedPG13 Action, Crime, Thriller 1/15/2013
Possession, The (2012)PG13 Horror, Thriller 1/15/2013
House at the End of the StreetReviewedNR Horror, Thriller 1/11/2013
FrankenweenieReviewedPG Animation, Comedy, Horror 1/8/2013
Resident Evil: RetributionR Action, Horror, Sci-Fi 1/4/2013
Pitch PerfectReviewedPG13 Comedy, Musical, Romance 1/4/2013
ArbitrageR Drama, Thriller 1/4/2013
LooperReviewedR Action, Crime, Sci-Fi 1/4/2013
CosmopolisReviewedR Drama 1/4/2013
The WordsReviewedPG13 Drama, Romance 12/24/2012
Premium RushReviewedPG13 Action, Thriller 12/21/2012
LeverageNR Action, Crime, Suspense, TV 12/18/2012
Beasts of the Southern WildReviewedPG13 Drama, Fantasy 12/18/2012
Total Recall (2012)ReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller 12/18/2012
Trouble with the CurveReviewedPG13 Drama 12/18/2012
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog DaysReviewedPG Comedy, Family 12/18/2012
Fire with FireR Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 12/13/2012
Joyeux NoelReviewedPG13 Drama, Musical 12/13/2012
ButterR Comedy 12/11/2012
The Bourne LegacyReviewedPG13 Action, Adventure, Suspense 12/11/2012
Ice Age: Continental DriftReviewedPG Adventure, Animation, Comedy 12/11/2012
Ruby SparksReviewedR Comedy, Fantasy, Romance 12/6/2012
StolenR Action, Drama, Thriller 12/6/2012
The Odd Life of Timothy GreenReviewedPG Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 12/4/2012


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