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We just recently bought a DVD player with ClearPlay technology. It is hands-down, without-a-doubt, absolutely the best entertainment investment we've ever made. I tell everyone I can about it. Keep up the extraordinary work.
- Dan, Maryville Tennessee

We have been with ClearPlay for several years, and we are still very pleased with the service that you provide. The team at ClearPlay is supportive and timely. Our family thanks you for making it possible to 'clean up' the movie industry. Keep up the great work!
- Connie, Everett, WA

I requested a filter for "Get Shorty" a while ago and was excited to see it on the new filter list. Thank you so much. Our family loves your product!
- Gayla, Summerfield, NC

Thank you very much for this wonderful product.

Thanks for the very helpful information on new movies from Bill. ClearPlay is a godsend for families.
- Rob, Joplin, MO

I just wanted your company to know how absolutely fabulous Clear Play is!! I can't believe someone actually came up with this wonderful technology. Many thanks. Charlotte B.
- Charlotte, Milton-Freewater, OR

So happy the Family Movie Act passed--we love what you guys are doing! Keep up the great work!
- Karen, Cave Creek, AZ

I recently purchased a DVD player with the Clear Play. One of the first movies we watched was "Daddy Day Care". I was so pleased. The Clear Play took out ALL curse words. It even filtered out the phrase "Oh, my God"! I am very delighted and exicited to finally be able to watch movies with my whole family. I feel so comfortable knowing my children are not going to hear something inappropriate. There is another television filter on the market right now that does to guarantee 100% blockage. Clear Play is great because the filtering is very specific to every movie. No other television filter offers that. Thank you!
- No, No Location

I watched more movies in the first three weeks I owned our Clearplay system than I did all year long. Its so refreshing to be able to sit and watch a movie without your finger on the fast forward button of the remote (and that's on the ones I dare even bring in the house.) Thanks
- Layne, Utah

I really appreciate ClearPlay. I was glad to have that resource. I especially appreciated the effect it had on our kids. You don't think they notice things in the movies, but they do.
- Lorette

First I would like to thank you for the wonderful customer contact and follow-up. One of the primary reasons "good" companies go bad is poor customer service and we have alwayes been pleased dealing with ClearPlay.

Second, I have to align myself with all the other pleased customers for the freedom to enjoy many more movies with my children than Hollywood by itself allows. I live in the high desert and it just gets too hot to stay in some evenings so during the summer I set up a projector in my garage and project movies on the back of a large screen across the front of my garage. We sit out on the driveway and in the front yard and, entirely due to ClearPlay, we are able to enjoy a vast number of movies without offending my or my neighbors' sensibilities. Thank you ClearPlay

- Gordon

We have had our USB Clear Play for six months and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We recommend it to our friends and anyone who mentions they hate some of the garbage in otherwise good movies. We bought it for our sons but I use it often to watch movies I like but enjoy more without the language and sexual content. Thank you again for this wonderful product.
Renée, Warenton VA
- Renee

Clearplay is a great investment. I am a huge movie fan, but almost all the best movies out there have at least one or two questionable scenes that make a great movie near unwatchable. I again can watch my favorite movies with out having to worry about when to skip the "bad part". I really appreciate that Clearplay filters lots of great independent movies not just the hollywood blockbusters. Thanks Clearplay
- Scott

WOW. That's all I can say. This is the kind of above-and-beyond customer service that will keep me loyal. You are impressive!
Many, many thanks!

- Mark

Thanks for your service. We try to live a Christian life, and as far as finding entertainment choices, you've really made that easier for us. We don't have cable or satelite, so ClearPlay is our only entertainment source. We check every week to see what new movies are available.
- Dennis

My family and I love ClearPlay! Your products has allowed us to share movies with our children that otherwise we would not because of a few bad words or a steamy scene. This has really opened up movie night to films that the whole family can really enjoy. I tell all my friends and family about ClearPlay. Thank you very much for making this fine product!
- Walter

I promote your services to all my friends and acquaintances. Keep up the
good work!
- Richard

I really appreciate what you guys are doing. It has been a real help in our
home. Thank you very much.

- Dana

I just bought the new USB DVD player and I can't wait to get it! We had the older RCA model for years and just wore the thing out! We are now looking forward to many more years family movie nights because of your products, thank you!

- Michael

We've had our system for over a year now and are as pleased today as we were when we first found it. I've often requested filters and seen them added periodically (still waiting on a few, but I understand you can't do everything at once, LOL). I recently had a small glitch with the playing of a disc and went to online assistance and they cleared it up for me within a few minutes. I can't say enough good things about this product! My family loves movies and now we can enjoy them together with without objectionable content. Thank you so much for making this available!!!!
- Shelby, Daytona Beach, FL


I had written a while back, asking for a Movie Filter Master List. It was so inconvenient to go to a movie store and guess which filters were available. Now I can take your whole catalog to the movie store and know that whatever my family chooses on the list can be "Clearplayed"!

As the title of my message says, you have earned a customer for life! THANK YOU!

- David

It is so fun to check the new releases and see filters for the movies I have requested!!! Thank you! Thank you! The latest ones on my/your list are DUNE and Independence Day.

I do have a question. My catalog number for Independence Day is 03670, which is different than the one on your list. Will it still filter the movie?

Thanks for all do!!! It makes such a positive difference in movie watching.

- Linda

Clear Play is absolutely the best! I have rented edited movies from a local store and seen the same movie with the Clear Play filter. Clear Play did a much better editing job! I love being able to enjoy the message behind the movies without being exposed to the smut. I recommend your player to everyone!
- Kelly, Utah

Our whole family absolutly loves your MaxPlay DVD player. Since purchasing your player, we have been able to watch great movies such as "Hollow Man" & "In Her Shoes" with all the offensive content removed. Thanks a bunch. Hollywood should be writing you checks for the increase in movie purchasing & renting that your service is creating.
Thanks again
- Nathan

We've loved our ClearPlay player. My kids are 11, 12 and 14, and they just haven't watched anything because I wouldn't let them. I home school my kids, and we just had a summer party with ClearPlay. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean and King Kong, and it was awesome. I have no idea what we missed, but it was just awesome. I was telling everybody about it in my Sunday school class, do you have any kind of a referal program?
- Mary

I love this thing. My wife and I have a membership at our local video store so we get 2 movies at a time as much as we want.

We used to spend an hour in there trying to find movies that we liked, but did not have nudity or swearing.

Needless to say, we missed out on most. Now we can get almost any movie and not feel that we are compromising our faith.

Thank you so much for enriching our lives with your product.

God bless you

- Scott

We bought our Clear Play DVD player about one month ago and so far so good. We are very careful about what we watch. Because of this most of what comes out on the big screen these days just doesn't make the cut and home entertainment is no better. That is until now of course. The other day a friend of mine was telling about a show he watched with his family and how some of the scenes were not that great. He complained about the language as well. I had watched the show with my family the night before and I didn't even remember the scenes that he was talking about being in the movie because they had been removed and the language was all cut out. We love it! Of course that doesn't mean we can watch everything out there, but our trips to the video store are no longer exercises in futility where we all come home disappointed and empty handed.

- B

I can't imagine watching movies without Clearplay! Clearplay is the best thing since sliced bread. I am not a sales-type person, but I could sell these!

- Debby, Strasburg, Ohio

I just want to say thanks for being in bussiness. I appreciate your services so my family and I can watch popular movies without having to see the sex scenes, swearing, etc. I also like being able to choose what I want to skip, not relying on some else's values (or lack of) to choose for me.

- Ruth

I love your talented people who make watching movies entertaining, not disgusting. Keep up the good work! I own 4 Clearplay DVD Players (I gave one to my Mom), and I plan on buying one more. I tell all my friends, neighbors, relatives, and anyone else that I get the opportunity to tell about your DVD Player. I think it is TERRIFIC!!!

- Barbara

We love movies at our house and have built up a goodly selection over the years. We have always been careful to choose good content for our children but have found that even the good movies we choose (no R-rated at all) can have bad language and violence we don't want them to see. Since we've found Clearplay, we have had more choices of movies with good themes but that weren't filtered that we can now enjoy.
We can not thank you enough for this great service. It's giving us so many more options for our home entertainment. We truly love you for it.

- Mindy

I am so greatful for ClearPlay for making it possible to watch more movies then my family & I were able to in the past. There's still some that I will not watch, but because of the way it is rated it is hard to find any good PG or PG13 movies to watch. I remember the good old memories.
- Elizabeth

I love clearplay and have been on board for 3 years.
No. 1 Fan

- Ran

I just bought the new USB DVD player and really like it! It's so convenient to download filters and install them via USB thumbdrive. Thanks for a great product and for keeping my family safe from the trash in movies.
There are many movies that would have never seen the inside of our home without your excellent product!
- Daryl

We love the filters. I've recommended your service to 3 or 4 people who have since bought it...

- Doug

I think you have a good product and I am glad to have it. I have directed several others to it.
You offer a good product. Good luck with your recommendations.

- Woody

We have five children ranging in age from 16 to 23. They all like to bring their friends back to our home to watch the "clearplay versions" of movies.
- Rick & Jill

My hubby and I love our ClearPlay DVD player, especially since we upgraded to the newer version with the handy thumb drive. Christmas of 2004 we purchased ClearPlay DVD players for both sets of parents and all of our siblings. When my mom saw how easily the new version works, she asked us to get her one for her birthday! :-)

Watching filtered DVD's is wonderful! There is so little worth seeing on television these days. Thanks for keeping us entertained! !Viva ClearPlay!

- J & J, Roseville, CA


After the demise of Family Flix & CleanFilms, we were wondering how we'd ever find decent dvds to watch. With some skeptism, we bought your DVD player with USB flash drive. We were very impressed with how well it works. The ability to customize the settings is a real plus. We also appreciate that you warn customers when certain content is so prevalent that it really can't be filtered. It's great watching dvds without nervously wondering when a gratuitous sex scene or a series of F-words will show up.

Thanks for a job well done!
- Mike and Wendy

We absolutely LOVE our Clearplay DVD player!!! It is SO nice to be able to watch movies without all the garbage. So many movies have great storylines,

but, in our opinion, loose a lot of class with the profanity, violence, and sexual content that they are filled with. We can now watch movies and not be offended.

Thank you, thank you, for creating Clearplay!!! We tell all our friends about it.
- Benita, Lindon, UT

Dear Clearplay:
I just wanted to take a moment to echo the thoughts of so many of your appreciative customers. I too was a cutomer of yours as well as Cleanflicks and CleanFilms and have used your player for almost 2 years or so with great satisfaction. I also appreciate the ability to customize settings because my biggest gripe is profanity--the English language is full of terms that make use of such unnecessary! I also was concerned how your company would be affected by the attacks on those "sanitzing" companies. I'm glad to see you have weathered this storm of controversy for the time being and hope to be a customer for years to come because frankly--I like to see dinosaurs have their full meal from time to time. (Smile) Thank you.
- Edmund

I love our ClearPlay DVD player! We actually take it with us on family vacations!

- Deanna

This is the best entertainment system for family with kids.
- Enexe

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the safer and more family friendly environment you have created with your product. The clearplay DVD player has allowed my family and I to enjoy more moments together with greatly reduced stress and worry over what is said and shown in movies today. Many times before we have seen movies and one unneeded scene has ruined the rest of the movie. So thank you.

- Steve, Lynchburg, VA

We absolutely love this ClearPlay, we're probably going to buy several for gifts this Christmas. It is just so wonderful!
- Carri

We've got a house full of kids, and we are so thankful to not have to jump for the remote all the time. We tell somebody about it every week!
- Lyn

Your technical support is top notch, thank you for providing such wonderful service and a great product. You Rock Clearplay!
- Steve

I see your efforts as being a great service to people with a firm commitment to their families and being good providers and protectors. So far, I've referred Clearplay to family members and friends in Lincoln Nebraska, St Paul Minnesota, St Louis Missouri, Denver Colorado, New Orleans Louisiana, Atlanta Georgia, Chattanooga Tennessee and Grand Rapids Michigan. (I know I convinced the NE,MO,Min folks for sure...... well, I didn't convince them, your product did).
I've purchased two machines for my home, an additional one for my son and one for my daughter who can share it with her Campus Crusade friends when they visit with her (U of A......go Wildcats!).
- Sam

Do you know one of the best things about Clear-Play (except for the awesome edited movies)? I can always talk to a human at customer service without waiting FOREVER and then getting cut off. I love being able to talk to someone about my questions or problems without having to wait for an e-mail repsonse or some such other thing if someone feels like my call is important. Thanks for being so ACCESSIBLE to your customers!
- Melva

I know you dont need any more of these, but I have to thank you for your excellent company. I tell everyone about these. I hope you are in business for a very long time.
- Joseph

Thank you for your great customer support
- Kenneth, Cleveland OH

I am so thankful for Clearplay and hope that it is around for ever.

- Kenneth

Clear Play truly makes a difference. It is now with pleasure that, my family and I with friends can enjoy a movie without a worry of what bad comment, word or scene will be next. I can honestly say your customer service really makes it happen, it is a pleasure to call and get a friendly outgoing person on the other side even, when you leave your phone number......they do call you back, that's awsome. You ROCK CLEARPLAY !!!
- M.David

We are loving the edited movies. There is no way we will ever go back, even on PG. Thanks a million!!

- Jacinta

Let me start by saying our family loves your product. It gets used so much and we appreciate everything your company does.

- Joseph

Customer Comments:
Clearplay allows my family and I to enjoy movies together that otherwise we could not. My kids love action movies and sci-fi, and Clearplay filters the stuff we don't want while still leaving the movie intact and enjoyable. Furthermore, ClearPlay's customer support has been excellent to work with over the years we've had your product. My wife and I tell everyone we know about Clearplay. Walter - Ashville, AL

- Walter, Ashville

Thank you for a wonderful product. We are having so much fun sharing, with our children, PG and PG13 movies we have enjoyed in years past. My kids are in heaven; their library of movie choices has increased exponentially thanks to ClearPlay. This has to be one of the most family friendly products on the market today.
- Ed & Maryrose

We love Clearplay and try to tell others about it. We have even gotten to
the point that when we're watching movies ourselves (husband and wife), we
watch out movies filtered too.
Thanks so much for creating this system. It's great!


- Cal & Monica

I have to say this is the best thing by FAR for our family thanks!
- Drew

you guys aren't kidding when you say you've got good support I am impressed :^)
- Drew

My family received Maxplay last year for Christmas and love it so much we purchased 3 this year (Christmas) for our movie buff friends. Thank you for seeing how important it is to us (family) that our entertainment be clean and enjoyable.
- lynn

I just wanted to say that we think you guys are awesome. Thanks so much.

- kippy

Our religious community just finished watching "King Kong" on the Clearplay DVD player. It was absolutly entertaining, especially since we didn't have to put up with the offensive language. I can't tell you how many movies we've skipped over the years because of the nonsense added to just a few scenes but now those days are over. Thanks for being such a breath of fresh air for those of us who refuse to compromise our values. God bless you!
- Dennis, Bloomingdale, OH

received a reply to my inquiry concerning a problem with filter loading. The information was exactly what I needed to fix the problem I had. I appreciate the prompt reply and the correct technical support for my problem.
- Bradley

My 15 year-old daughter wanted this DVD players as a gift for Christmas. She loves it and so do I. As a family we won't watch a movie unless it has a clearplay filter for it. It makes the movie so much more enjoyable. (Who needs all the violence, bad language and nudity in the movies these days.) My only wish is that the movie theaters would start to use it!
- , email

dear clearplay
my family loves clearplay. we love movies but hate watching all the garbage
thrown into them. when cleanflix was put out of business we didn't know what
to do, but with clearplay, we can still see all the movies we love
you guys are great

- Vicki

Just let me say, I've had my CP player for a couple of years now and it is wonderful. I've only had difficulties a couple of times like yesterday, but considering the volume of work that y'all are doing, that is amazing. Your customer service people are great and friendly and the 2 or 3 times I have sought their help they have resolved my issue withing 24 hours. It's wonderful. I love movies and I can really enjoy them and my childern can enjoy them too. THANK YOU!!!!
- John

Many moons ago I discovered clearplay while it was still a computer software
program. I thought the technology was an excellent idea and became a
charter member.

Later when the RCA deck player became available I purchased one both for
myself and one for my parents (they had to buy their own membership after
the introductory offer expired.)

Unfortunately my player recently died so I purchased the new MaxPlayer for
my folks and they are very pleased with it's ease of use. No more
downloading and burning discs. They just put the movie they want in the
machine and hit play!

We have been very happy to use the clearplay units to extend our selection
of viewable family fare. Now the new players make it easier then ever.

Thank you for being persistent to design and sell a product that helps us
all enjoy our movies without having our values constantly being assaulted.

Aland Coons & Family

- Aland

Hi! I'm just writing to commend you on your excellent customer service/support! I regrettably had to return a defective player to you that you had to replace. But the e-mail support and top- notch professionalism that you've shown, helped make the time a little more bearable for our whole family while we had to do without our player! With all that said, we were totally lost without your product to protect us from the on-slaught of offendable material in these modern-day movies. We now own tons of movies that I would not even had dreamed of bringing into our home until now, even so-called "family" movies!


- Matt

Your Company, Product and support are fantastic. All of you are great. Everytime I have had a question you have been right there to give me an answer or guidance, either on the phone or online. You have been prompt and your product works great. We can now watch movies without all the bad stuff that we can take out.
Keep up the good work and I hope you continue to grow and flurish.
Thank You very much for a product that is really needed.

- Keith, Antioch, CA

We LOVE Clearplay!! It is such a relief to have some control over what comes into our home in the form of movies and their content!!! Do you advertise much or is your business primarily word of mouth? People need to know about this...Is there anything I can do?
A VERY grateful set of parents -
- Ward and Sarah

Loving the system. We used it at home all the time, it's amazing what it can filter out. Just purchased a second one so that my wife can use it at school. We do couple nights and baby sitting and now movies like Shrek don't make us cringe with what is said. Filters easy to setup. We like a little more action, so we set our filter a little lower on that, but still eliminates graphic violence. And that can be done for anything. And best of all it still works with our local movie rentals because it doesn't effect the DVD.
- Corey

Your customer service has been amazing. We had a few problems with the picture turning black and white on the player. However, your staff has called us several times, without prompting, to help us out with the issue. I really appreciate the small business feel to your company. Everthing has work out great and we love your product. I don't know how we lived without it!
- Stephanie

My wife and I have been subscribers to your service for over a year now and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience. Your customer service is wonderful and your filters are even better. Now we watch movies without worrying about what we will see or hear. We have even been able to let our two young girls watch some great movies that just wouldn't have been appropriate without your technology. Thanks!!
- Mark

Even though our teens groan that we 'treat them like babies" by using the filters, we love this service. We explain that even Dad and I wouldn't watch most of these movies without a filter. We don't pay to put garbage in our heads. Thanks--Kay Lewis
- Kay

We absolutely love our ClearPlay USB DVD player. We have had it almost a month and can't believe the difference it makes in movies; no worrying about objectionable or inappropriate material; we just enjoy the movies! The ClearPlay filters are so easy to download and use. Your customer service has been so kind and helpful with any question we have had. Thanks!
- Rita

This is amazing. Our whole family can watch movies without worrying about language or other inappropriate material - even from PG movies! Thank you, ClearPlay!
- Chad

Thank you for making family movie watching enjoyable again. No more "Oh why did they have to say that." No more "Don't look kids." or "Hurry up, Stephen, put that blanket up NOW." Now we can just concentrate on making the popcorn and cuddling with our family and discussing the main point of the film not it's unwanted immorality.
- Rosemary, Ames IA


We LOVE this technology and tell everyone we can about it. It is so much a part of how we watch movies, our children routinely refer to it as if everyone knows what it is. For example:
"Hey, have you seen Pirates of the Carribean yet?"
"Not yet, my dad only lets us watch movies like that with ClearPlay."
This has opened up plenty of referral opportunities for us. =)
We have been very pleased with the DVD player and both the quality and number of filters available. God Bless you guys for making the movies family time again!!

- Eric and Phyllis

Dear Clearplay crew,
I think your product is wonderful! Especially now a days when children movies, really are not for children. We can watch at peace, not worried something we don't approve of will pop on the screen. My nerves thank you for that.

- Ivette, New York

Family and Friends,

As some of you know, Teresa & I use a system called ClearPlay for watching videos. I often get accused by co-workers and friends of being a salesman for the company's product... I don't get anything for this. I simply appreciate their product and like to let others know. Skip the following down to the article I've pasted at the bottom, for a glimpse at why, or continue reading.

For those who don't know, they are a subscription-based program that allows you to download filters for films. You have to buy a DVD player from them for about $90 in order for the filters to work. (When I first read an article about them a few years back, I thought the player would be about $400.) Once you have the player and the filter, you upload the filter to the player, pick the settings you want to filter, put in the DVD and as you play it, the filters automatically skip over or mute offensive material. There are several settings you can choose from (nudity, violence, drug-use, profanity, etc.), and several levels for each setting (none, low, medium, all, etc.).

The system plays the normal DVDs you buy at the store, or rent. Hollywood failed in an attempt to sue them, because their approach doesn't physically alter the DVD, only the manner in which you see and hear its content. You can't sue over this any more than you can sue a TV maker for including an on/off button, volume control, or channel changer.

We just finished watching the Jack Ryan films, from "Hunt for Red October" through "Sum of All Fears" as a family, that we rented from Blockbuster. Not a bit of swearing, etc. It was really slick.

As a subscriber, I get a newsletter that tells me of newly available filters. I got the following notice in today's newsletter. I'm forwarding this because I appreciated the stance ClearPlay has taken and want to support them in it. If companies who try to support family values are to survive, they need to be supported.
- Doug

I am a college professor at a midwestern Bible college. My wife and I often
have students over at our home to let them get away from the campus for a
few hours and just relax. Often, this involves watching a movie or two. We
have built a library of about 500 DVDs that we use to open discussions on
particular subjects with the students. Having ClearPlay has made it
possible for us to share the messages of many more movies with the students,
opening up discussions that are critical to their understanding of life and
spiritual truth.
Thank you so much for your time and effort in making this powerful medium so
much more enjoyable for those of us who find the material that ClearPlay
filters out to be offensive and gratuitous.

- Mark

All I can say is WOW!!! This machine is Amazing! This has reallly been a way for me to expand my horizon in film and to be able to venture off into other genres that prior to the clearplay machine, I believed were too graphic or laced with sexual content. However, now I am enjoying these movies, because I can watch them without getting all of the smut that is marginal to the story. The STORIES are the focus of the films now, not the fact that I would avoid certain types of movies due to fear of exposing myself or my family to influences I didn't approve of, but the clearplayer has been able to allow me to in fact for once ENJOY the show, rather then being so tense that one or two scenes would corrupt my experience in the show. I'll probably never go back to the movie theater again. The clearplayer has been one of the most enjoyable experiences for me and my family!
- Dallas, Provo, UT

You would not believe the amount of people we have talked with that are not aware of ClearPlay's capabilities! We recommend your filtering technology to most everyone we know. If it were not for ClearPlay, our library of almost 200 DVDs would likely be anemic. Thank you for being there.
- Matthew , Virginia Beach

We take our ClearPlay player with us on all of our trips. Whether we are
traveling to another state or just down to Grandma's and Grandpa's house, if
there is even the slightest chance that we will be watching a movie, we make
sure that it is packed safely in the car with us. We love it, and we tell
everyone about. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
- Jennifer

I really like how you guys have been releasing filters the "same day" of the DVD release. That helps. I and my family really appreciate the service you provide. It is so hard to find good, clean, and appropriate entertainment these days and you guys are helping make that possible. Thanks
- Mike

Our family has enjoyed ClearPlay for over 3 years now. We've come to depend on the filtering. In fact, we'll choose to wait for a movie to come out on DVD over going to the theatre now because we REALLY don't wish to hear the language in most movies. My wife and I recently watched a movie in the theatre and noticed what we'd deem inappropriate language at times throughout the movie. Both of us have been so used to filtering now, we both agreed that the movie in the theatre wasn't as enjoyable for us to watch.

I sure wish you'd either find a way (or if you already know the way) to be able to load clearplay filters on "other" DVD players like Xbox 360, laptops, desktop PCs, etc. I'd buy the product if you sold it in that regards as well.

Last, I hope ClearPlay is in good financial standing. I don't know what we'd do without you. We tell everyone we know about you.

Thanks for the great service.


I just wanted to thank you for coming up with a product like this! For years I wish that someone can come with this idea - I mean, it's done to music CDs, why not Movies?!? I love the variety of films to choose from. Look forward to seeing more.
- Tony

Hollywood 'convinces' so many adults that swearing, nudity, violence ect... is OK for them, just bad for kids, thus "Adult Themes, Adult Situations inapropriate for those under 13" ect. Wise adults know these things are wrong regardless of age. Even before we had our two boys, we rarely had even PG movies in our house. Now, thanks to Clearplay, our boys and us adults can now finally enjoy many more movies that were just horrible to watch otherwise. Many thanks to Clearplay.
- Ray

I must say for a while now I have been disappointed with the way the entertainment industry has been going. Inserting excessive violence, language and nudity just to sell a movie. Even if its not needed. I have researched ClearPlay for about a year and finally bought one. I dont know why I waited so long. This is the best invention known to man. The ability to CUSTOMIZE you filtering is something else. My wife and I put in a movie and as we watched adjusted the ClearPlay settings and rewatched the scenes until it was exactly where we wanted it. Now I can actually watch a movie with my children and not cringe over the offensive material. THANK YOU CLEARPLAY FOR MAKING LIFE A LITTLE EASIER!!
- Jeff

Amazing! You guys are starting to do TV shows! That is awesome. I have been waiting for you to start doing that. And having The Office, Season 1 done is so cool! Keep up the good work guys! Way to keep up/stay ahead of the times. You obviously realize the high demand for TV show filters. Now, when I see Seinfeld, Season 1 and Friends, Season 1 filters appear, I will flip out with enjoyment! Thanks ClearPlay!
- Josh

I just wanted to say how THRILLED I am to see that you now have filters for the first seasons of 24 and The Office! I can't even begin to describe my excitement! These two shows are great ones to start with, and I really hope you will continue to provide filters for the others seasons of these shows, and other shows, as well.
I just LOVE The Office, and it will be so great to be able to see it with Clearplay. I look forward to re-watching it with your filters, and I hope you will also release filters for the 2nd season, and the 3rd season as well (which is due to be released on DVD in September).

That's about it, I just wanted to applaud you for your efforts, and to say WAY TO GO on the tv shows! This is sooo awesome!!!

Thanks again!

- Jill, LaGrange Wy

We recently purchased Clear Play and think it is the greatest device for the
family available today. So many times we had to say "no" to movies our kids
wanted to see, but with the customization that is available, we can now
enjoy movies as a family again.
Thank you for creating this device and we wish you much success. We have
already begun spreading the "good news" of Clear Play.

The Lyons Family

- Larry

We bought a Clearplay about three months ago. It is amazing. When watching a show with a filter on we can actually enjoy the show instead of worrying about when the next cuss word or bedroom scene will pop up. It definitely doesn't take anything away from the actual movie. Thanks.

- Bryce, Finksburg, MD


I want to thank you for your valuable product! My wife and I are in the
final stages of raising four children. Our children grew up with edited
movies and we have promoted them in our Loving Limits parenting seminar.
However, when the courts closed down the edited movie companies we were very
distressed! Someone told us about your service which is a wonderful, legal
alternative to avoiding the words and scenes that spoil our movie viewing
experience. What a joy to be able to watch clean movies again. Even though
our youngest is now 16, we all use your product to ensure an enjoyable
experience. My 21 year old daughter calls from the movie rental store to
see if certain movies have a ClearPlay filter! No longer do we feel
assaulted by offensive words and inappropriate scenes. Thank you for a
wonderful product. We even promote it on our website!

- Mark

for so many years ive wished of a way to edit movies. and now i have the chance!i literaly got chills on how awesome it was to watch any rated movie and not worry about eneything i do not want to see! words cannot describe such a blessing as cleaplay is! thank you so much!

- Patric

Wow! This is awesome. My kids always get mad at me when we go to rent
movies because I won't let them rent most of the movies in the store.
The other day, we were shopping in Target and my son saw the demo for
Clearplay". I was amazed. I bought it and brought it home. Today I was
actually able to watch a current release without having to fast forward
and be offended by the language. I will definitely recommend Clearplay
to my friends.
- Denise

We LOVE our ClearPlay DVD player. This has been such a nice addition to our family, that I was compelled to tell my friends and family about it. My Pastor asked me to discuss it after church on Sunday and suggested that anyone with children who watches videos should go out and purchase one... I agree!

Thank you again,

- Benjamin

I love clearplay. It is great not having to cringe when watching a movie because of things like foul language, nudity and violence. Clearplay does a great job at filtering all of that. Thank you very much clearplay!
- Jim

My wife and I really enjoy the ClearPlay DVD Player. I recently installed an HD Projector with surround sound, and my family really enjoys movie night thanks to ClearPlay. We've recommended it to all of our family and friends. What a great product!

We absolutely love clearplay!! To sit down and watch a movie and not have to worry about fast forwarding parts is great!!!!
- Ryan

We love our clearplay and recommend it all the time!!
- David and Connie

Clearplay is the BEST filtering technology you can buy. I have been able to watch 75% percent more movies now than I ever could before. I can watch movies with no fear or worry of bad content. Clearplay is without a doubt awesome!
- Benjamin, Rochester, NY

We appreciate so much your service for our family,
in screening out all the "stuff" so we can enjoy a good movie
as a family.

- Bonne, Baton Rouge, LA

I have often told
others about ClearPlay and how it works. I can now also
tell them about your commitment to keeping your customers
satisfied. In these days of frequent, poor customer
service, you've made a "Raving Fan" out of me.
God Bless

- Scott

Really like clearplay, with the max player, I can now have filters for almost every DVD in the collection. Very nice to have all the filters loaded in the machine and plenty of room for more as the years move on. I like the results, movies that we can enjoy as a family without the undesired suprises that is found in most movies. I get the CD monthly which is easy to use to update our clear play machines. I like being able to request movies and see them get a filter in a few months or less. Overall great program.
- Bart, Layton, UT

We have watched a few movies with our new ClearPlay DVD system. What a difference we feel after watching movies. We no longer have to express our disappointment when a film has a good story with some bad scenes and language. Now, we can truly enjoy a good story and feel great afterwords. Thanks for existing, ClearPlay!
- Lea, Seattle, WA

I just wished to add my voice of grateful thanks to you for your superb service. I just watched Braveheart Clearplayed and found it a good movie. I KNOW I would never have even dared to watch it if it were not for Clearplay filtering. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US!!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...
You are on the list of things to be Thankful to God for during this festive season of rememberance which causes us to think upon our blessings. THANK YOU for being such a blessing!
PS Sorry, you didn't have an easy to find thank you link! Please forward to the appropriate persons.. :) Have a good day!
- Dorlean, Innisfail, AB

Our family has been waiting for a great system where we can watch films without the degrading influences of the Media entering our home. ClearPlay's DVD Player not only filters out unwanted content, but it does it flawlessly! The editing and transition is smooth. The editors at ClearPlay have cut out scenes in a "smart" manner - they keep the story flowing. We have already started telling our friends about this great service. Keep it up ClearPlay!
- Eugene, San Francisco, CA

This product is AWESOME!!! It is a dream come true to be able to sit down and watch things without viewing the junk. Clearplay rocks and their customer service is great.

Thanks Clearplay

- Kenneth, Cleveland, TX

We're very happy to be a part of the ClearPlay "family" and support the work
you are doing!
- David, Melrose, FL

Now I can watch the movies I would have never watched before.
- chris, spokane

Our whole family absolutly loves your MaxPlay DVD player. Since purchasing your player, we have been able to watch great movies such as "Hollow Man" & "In Her Shoes" with all the offensive content removed. Thanks a bunch. Hollywood should be writing you checks for the increase in movie purchasing & renting that your service is creating.
Thanks again,
The Kellys
- Kelly

Clear Play is absolutely the best! I have rented edited movies from a local store and seen the same movie with the Clear Play filter. Clear Play did a much better editing job! I love being able to enjoy the message behind the movies without being exposed to the smut. I recommend your player to everyone!
Kelly, Utah
- Kelly, utah

I want to thank you for your product. We have a 9 year old boy and 11 year old girl and we enjoy watching movies we have and not having to worry about anything unsafe. Especially now, with the TV programs being so explicit. We appreciate how detailed you get with your filtering process.

Thanks again

- Jon & Kim

my wife and I won't watch a movie without ClearPlay Filters. It's a great technology. Thanks again
- Michael

Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! We are and will always be a ClearPlay family. With Hollywood's standards continuing their steady decline, it is so nice to be able to watch movies and allow our children to watch movies without worrying about offensive language and other inappropriate content, even in PG-rated and some G-rated movies. Your technology and service are more than worth the modest cost. Keep up the great work!
- Gregory , Kaysville, Utah

We have had our RCA DVD player with Clearplay for about 4 months as well as your service. It is the best investment in entertainment we have ever made! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not hear profanity, see nudity, gross violence, etc. You do such a good job that there is still a perfect flow of the movie. Now we are renting DVDs that we wouldn't have touched before Clearplay. We are seeing movies that we refused to see when they first came out. At our house, if there is no filter for a particular movie, we wait until there is one. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We recommed Clearplay to anyone who will listen -- even some who won't!!
- Vicki, North Richland Hills, TX

I learned about Clear Play by watching the Today show several months ago. Through that, I bought a Clear Play DVD player and am now a subsciber to the service. I truly believe that Clear Play is the best thing to happen to home movie watching since the invention of the DVD.

- Andrew, Chetek, WI

I was sold on Clearplay when I read my first article on the subject. Now that I have my Clearplay DVD player, I don't know what I could ever do without it.
- Carl, Los Angeles

Hi! Kuddos for this AWESOME product. My 17 year old recently broke our DVD player and promised to buy me a new one. We went to WalMart to see what was there. We bought your RCA unit and took it home. Boy, I can truly say this is the best money we have ever spent! I have told everyone who'd listen about your product. It is a wonderful thing to be able to sit through a whole movie and not cringe or wince or just plain ol' have to shut it off. We have rented the "Clean" version of movies when they are available in our town, but even those are nothing compared to your product. Thank you a million times over. If you ever need a spokes person for a testimonial, call my family....we love you!
- Disa

The Clearplay DVD player allows me to relax when I watch a movie. Now I can watch movies I would have never touched before. This is going to make Hollywood a lot of money.
- Shaune

I appreciate your help! I've called both Clinton and McHugh in my state of NY. I'll encourage others to do the same! Thanks for your response and what you're doing.
- Camerie, New York

I think that this technology is the best thing to happen to DVD.
- Ben

We bought this product as soon as it was available and we are so glad that you all have done this. It is wonderful to be able to watch movies with the family again! Movies have gotten so bad lately; it is difficult to watch anything family friendly unless it is designed for two-year olds. Edited movies edit out everything that MAY be offensive to anyone. The control of details are astounding. Thank you so much for offering these products and services.
- Noah

I hope to be a Clearplayer for life and I love what this company is doing.
- Josh

I have just received our new DVD player with clear play. I am very excited about this. I am excited to tell all my friends about your product. Thank you so much for your help. We have been so happy with the service and care we always receive from clearplay. I wish you the best of luck!
- Penny, Higley AZ

This player is amazing - really just what i always wanted!
- David

I just purchased the RCA player over the weekend from Walmart and I love it. Thanks for the opportunity of allowing our family to view and purchase DVDs we would have never before. Again........... Thank YOU!
- Anonymous

I thank you dearly for making this wonderful product. I have been wanting something just like this so I can watch movies without seeing all the bad stuff. It really is a great thing that you are doing! I hope that this product will sell well and help everyone to have a cleaner home with this great product. I actually do not own this product yet but, I think I can convince my parents to get it. It's actually pretty cheap! Again, thanks so much. I am very grateful for this product. Thanks
- Dustin

Thank you very much for your timely response to my last e-mail and for the extra help you gave. I am very impressed with your customer service!
- Andrew, Chetek WI

Just let me say, it has been a pleasure working with you on this. I am so glad I signed up for these Filters, best investment I've ever made. Your company is terrific and I'm glad you guys are here to do stuff like this. With children in the household it is wonderful to have this sort of thing. I will definatly recommend your products to friends and family.
Thank you again
- Stephanie

I just got the Maxplay DVD Player with ClearPlay this morning. It is one of the best things in the DVD Game one could have bought. I was especially pleased with your filter for "Beverly Hills Cop." It caught every single objectional dialogue in the film, as well as all objectional visuals. For things with Unsupported Filters you still have Profanity filters which I really liked. These filters catch everything under the sun when it comes to Profanity and Sexuallity/Nudity. Even when Strong Action/Violence is not supported I liked the way more Intense/Graphic violence was. I love this product and am not going to stop using it anytime soon, if ever!
- Chris, Charlottetown, PE, Canada

I want to commend you for your work in protecting our children and encourage you to continue and fight the good fight against Hollywood. As a psychotherapist I have worked with many families and know how important it is that parents have the right and the option to control what their children experience through the media. And as a grandmother of 4 years, I thank you.
- Diana, Richardson TX

Bought our ClearPlay enabled RCA DVD player at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. I'm really impressed by the results so far! Our teen-aged children had several friends over last night, and we were able to watch a PG-13 movie with much less anxiety (in fact, we probably would not have even tried, had we not had ClearPlay available). Thanks so much for your help! Keep up the great work! Regards,
- Doug, Waldorf MD

I've sent email to my congressional representatives regarding ClearPlay. I intend to also try to get an article into our city paper about the issue. I am anxious to do everything in my power to support your technology.
- Steven, Fredericksburg VA

Bravisimo! Excellent! I am excited to see your introduction of your product into the general market, and all at such a good price! Thank you very much for developing a product I've wished existed for a long time. Thank you,
- Randy, Woodstock GA

I think it's great what you guys are doing for families and for people who want to decide for themselves what content they want to exposed to. Bravo! Thank you
- Anonymous

Thanks for all your help, we love our dvd player & your filters.
- Aaron

We love our new Clearplay DVD player. Thanks for all you do!
- John, Smithfield NC

We're very happy with the player. We're thankful that you are continuing to make filters for both 'old' and 'new' movies. Keep up the good work!
- David , Melrose FL

Thank you very much. We are new to Clearplay, but have enjoyed it immensely. Warmest Regards,
- Melody , Pensacola FL

I really appreciate your willingness to work with me. I'll be sure to
recommend your product to all my friends!

- Julie

Hats Off to you and your work, We Love Clearplay! Just to let you know, we have written a letter to our local paper to support you and let others here in Rexburg, Idaho know about Clearplay.
- Thomas, Rexburg, ID

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