ClearPlay Streaming Instructions & FAQ.

Stream from Amazon--Filter with ClearPlay

How does it work?
Now you can stream movies from and filter the movies with ClearPlay.
Visit to get started.

Can I adjust what I want to filter out?
Yes, before the movie starts you can adjust your filter settings.

Which movies can I watch?
All the movies listed on our streaming movie list.

Does this work on all streaming services?
ClearPlay Streaming works exclusively with rentals and purchases made through Amazon.

Can I use Google's Chromecast?
If you have a Chromecast then you can mirror your desktop or laptop to your TV by using the Chrome Browser “tab cast” feature.

Can I use Apple Air Play?
If you have an Apple TV then you can use Air Play to mirror your laptop to your TV. This works natively on a Mac product. If you are on a windows platform then there are several third party software's that will mirror your laptop or desktop to your Apple TV.

What are other ways to connect my computer to my TV?
If you’re using a laptop or desktop that has an HDMI port you can use an HDMI cable to go from your computer to the TV. 
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